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Customers now demand more. Exceed their expectations.

Brands with superior customer experience generate 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors. But many companies struggle to connect with customers due to siloed data and technology. One of the keys to building lasting loyalty is with centralized data and an aligned vision throughout your organization.

Understanding how customers move through both your physical and virtual spaces can be the key to creating more personal, and meaningful, touch points. With connected technologies like Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365, companies can create smart venues for consumers and employees, helping to quickly increase revenue per unit and reduce operational expenses—impacting your bottom line in weeks, not months.

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Smart venues: How data transforms your industry

Smart technology to advance your business

Put your customer at the center with personalized interactions that delight and surprise using machine learning insights. Here are three key elements for your smart venue:

Sustainable operations
Building operations can create waste and unnecessary cost with systems that aren’t optimized to lower energy consumption or predict repairs. Azure Analytics Services and IoT technology can create a safer, healthier environment for customers and staff—helping reduce costs through centralized functions, analytics to monitor, predict and manage equipment status, waste removal and climate control.

Identity and analytics
Knowing when and how to connect with customers depends not only on having data, but uncovering insights—what and why consumers are buying can be key to knowing what offers to suggest. Curated data and analytics using Microsoft’s Customer Experience Platform, Azure and Power BI helps put the power of business intelligence in your hands, providing actionable insights for lasting ROI.

Connected digital twin
Managing a physical venue with multiple vendors, each using separate data systems, requires a single source to centralize information and derive insights. Improve asset management and venue performance by building a data-rich virtual model, with real-time spatial insights, on Azure Digital Twins.

“To be the first theme park across Europe to be built from scratch in nearly 30 years, we need to work with the best and they don’t come much bigger or better than PwC. We are delighted to welcome them as a partner invested in the project.”

PY Gerbeau, CEO, London Resort

Leading developer builds “Top 10” smart district to reimagine experiences

Powered by technology and fueled by analytics, PwC and Microsoft are helping to create a new smart community to provide innovative experiences for residents, businesses and visitors. This mixed-use development connects housing, offices, entertainment venues and outdoor spaces using Microsoft Azure services and Dynamics 365 to collect data and turn them into actionable insights. A 3D digital twin of the entire development provides a single source for district-wide systems like waste management and parking, with spatial context and live data captured from movement, occupancy and system activity. By leveraging these data insights, the district can drive operational efficiencies while creating premium experiences for the customers who work, live and play there.

Smart experiences for every industry

Transform banking into the digital age 

Imagine your funds safeguarded with AI-based fraud protections, control over what personal data your bank stores and how it’s used and cash brought right to your door. Welcome to the branchless bank.

Financial services firms face increasing pressure to modernize in order to meet consumer demand for digital services—but most grapple with the complex regulatory and privacy issues surrounding such changes. How can banks offer a superior experience and adapt to evolving regulation?

  • Hyper-personalize experiences: Tailor financial planning based on customer behaviors and buying trends regardless of channel, while helping to create a seamless flow of data between digital and physical channels.
  • Protect customer data: Provide greater security with AI-driven fraud protection across products and strengthen privacy by giving customers control over how their data is stored and used.
  • Innovate with branchless banks: Serve customers wherever they are with to-the-door cash delivery and notary services, fully digital loan processing and secure account onboarding from any location.

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Smart venues: How data transforms banking

Create personalized care through better insights

Imagine doctors able to perform surgery with robotic assistance, care teams with instant access to worldwide datasets for patient diagnosis and remote experts able to assist with complex procedures through virtual reality. The new approach to healthcare is here. 

Today’s healthcare consumers expect easier access to their care team, efficient processes and increased collaboration between payors and providers. How can you deliver the highest quality healthcare at scale?

  • Personalize patient care: Use enhanced telehealth, VR immersive treatments and timely mobile messaging to help provide a 360-degree view of patient preferences and data.
  • Unify care teams: Leverage insights and patient data to help improve care team collaboration and inform treatment decisions that can meet regulatory and compliance requirements. 
  • Deliver the future of care: Offer next-generation outpatient and in-hospital treatment experiences through the convergence of virtual reality, robotics and patient data analysis.

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Smart venues: How data transforms healthcare

Evolve for the future with smart factories

Imagine real-time visibility into your entire supply chain, automated, robotic response to changing demand and the ability to model new products and line changes without risk.

Manufacturers face a constantly shifting landscape–rapidly changing consumer preferences, supply chain challenges and the push for net zero. How can manufacturing companies remain nimble? 

  • Build an agile factory: Get a digital view of your factory for real-time insights into operational efficiency, worker productivity and customer satisfaction for improved decision-making.
  • Create a resilient supply chain: Gain greater visibility across each function of your supply chain with automated intelligence and tracking of parts, delays and shipments to respond efficiently to unforeseen changes.
  • Innovate digitally: Simulate new product designs and changes on the production line to model opportunities, identify risks and forecast which scenarios will deliver the greatest ROI.

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Smart venues: How data transforms manufacturing

Create lasting impressions with smart venues

Imagine curated merchandise sent right to your seat, app updates on the shortest concession lines and an enormous, mixed-reality team mascot racing on the field. This is the future with connected technology. 

Sports fans are returning to stadiums, but are no longer satisfied with just “watching the game.” Teams and venues must compete for their spending and attention. How can smart stadiums reimagine the fan experience? 

  • Upgrade operations: Use data and IoT sensors to help make the fan experience as seamless and safe as possible. 
  • Enhance experience: Teams can now use customer preference data to help build loyalty and deliver unique physical, digital and virtual experiences that fans will always remember.
  • Boost facilities: Reduce carbon emissions, use less energy, recycle waste and align with fans who believe sports should be doing more to act sustainably.

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Smart venues: How data transforms media and entertainment

Reimagine the shopping experience

Picture smart shopping carts guiding you to products based on your preferences, greener delivery options and automatic payments, so you don’t need to checkout. Shop in the store of the future, today.

To remain competitive in today’s highly fragmented market, retailers should offer a stellar in-store experience that also dovetails intelligently with customers’ online brand engagement. How can businesses transform the shopping journey?

  • Digitize the store: See how customers move through your physical space while monitoring inventory and transactions—allowing you to provide tailored recommendations that will help drive sales.
  • Empower employees: Advance service and sales by decreasing employee time spent on manual tasks and delivering actionable customer insights to store staff in real-time.
  • Win customer loyalty: Provide a curated, frictionless shopping and delivery experience that aligns with your customers’ values, which keeps you top of mind for their next purchase.

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Smart venues: How data transforms retail

Lead the future in sustainability

The good news: sustainability isn't just beneficial for the environment, it can also help your business. Here are six areas to help smart venues reap the benefits to drive more sustainable outcomes.

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