PwC and Google Cloud industry solutions

PwC uses our deep industry knowledge to help create differentiated cloud solutions that drive transformation for our clients.

Our teams have built lasting relationships with our clients and deliver value across our audit and assurance, tax and consulting services. We have industry based professionals ready to help you address the complex environment encompassing technology, your people, regulations, supply chains, accounting standards, competitors, brand protection, and so much more. By focusing on specific industries, our Google Cloud team takes a collaborative approach to help build unique solutions for priority businesses that drive outcomes.

Consumer markets

Now more than ever, consumer market companies should drive differentiated customer experiences, run their supply chains in resilient and optimal manners, and drive productivity to new levels. PwC believes that Google Cloud’s data and AI capabilities can play an immense role in this endeavor and we focus on a few differentiated offerings to help our consumer markets clients meet these challenges.

Retail insights

Integrate with source systems (e.g., ERP, CRM) to help extract, transform and load the retail data, consolidating insights and powering retail transformation.

Store associate productivity

Improve labor scheduling via workforce allocation and task prioritization. Predict and manage inventory outages.

Profit optimization

Forecast sales and margin lift, and break-even points, using our ML algorithm and elastic scenario modeling, to help increase revenue and profitability of promotion strategies.

Financial services

Continued stress on the banking system at global, national and local levels is likely creating a challenging environment for financial services companies. Increased regulations, unstable markets, political unrest and continuous security threats are often placing high demands on financial services leaders. Current technology solutions may struggle to keep up with these demands which is why PwC uses Google Cloud to help deliver solutions that can help our clients not just overcome these challenges, but innovate and create new transformational parts of their business to deliver better financial services to their customers.

We focus on a few core financial services solutions on Google Cloud.

Collect data from the vast amount of sources needed to help automate the process of regulatory reporting in addition to using analytics and AI to provide deeper value by identifying risks, gaps and opportunities.

Modernize core banking applications to run on Google Cloud and use Google’s data and AI capabilities to help deepen the experience and value delivered by core banking applications and ecosystems.

Take advantage of Google’s AI and GenAI capabilities to analyze data to improve capabilities around fraud and AML.

Health industries

Healthcare companies are continuously looking for ways to improve patient care, discover new drugs at a faster pace, and reduce the overall cost of healthcare while maintaining a quality level of service. We believe that data and AI are going to play a significant role in the transformation of this industry and our solutions and capabilities on Google Cloud can help clients execute these innovation agendas at a faster pace. Currently we focus on a couple of key offerings and have capabilities to help deliver solutions in a broad range of areas.

Healthcare data interoperability

Create solutions for payers and providers that require the exchange of data in compliance with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Claims transformation

Improve the overall claims process by leveraging technologies such as DocAI to extract information from Electronic Health records and reduce administrative work for healthcare organizations or AI to predict chances of overpayments and improve per-member per-month cost.

Technology, media and telecommunications

PwC understands the challenges that companies in the technology, media, and telecom (TMT) spaces face. Between the need to optimize costs (“efficiency” is key) in the face of slowing demand, the fight to retain customers who can get content from a wide array of sources and the need to implement technological advances to stay competitive, successful TMT companies should work with the right organizations and the right technology providers to help grow their businesses. PwC’s understanding of the industry paired with Google’s capabilities can help our TMT customers succeed.

In addition to providing core services like AI-powered data and analytics, application and infrastructure modernization, and implementation of Google security solutions, PwC has developed TMT specific offerings to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Build 360 insights that inform audience acquisition, engagement and monetization strategies while personalizing the experience.

Create network-enabled revenue streams that capitalize on disruptive technologies — e.g., 5G, Edge Computing, AI/ML and IoT.

Overcome siloed data, disparate technologies and systems and a varied vendor landscape to enable deeper customer connections, and understanding of relationships between building assets, infrastructure and massive amounts of IoT data.

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