PwC’s Professional Development Program (PDP)

Improve performance through learning

Improving performance and developing world-class talent requires strategic alignment and foresight. Make investments in your talent to develop, engage and motivate your employees.

Customized based on your needs

PwC’s Professional Development Program (“PDP”) is our team of dedicated and well experienced learning professionals specializing in the areas of performance consulting, instructional design and learning program execution.

Over thirty years experience specializing solely in the area of learning, our PDP team supplements and enriches the subject matter expertise of the firm to deliver a total value experience that meets your goals. By helping you identify skill/knowledge gaps and assess your existing learning strategy and/or curriculum we will work alongside you to close those skill gaps and help you implement a learning program that is both valuable and enjoyable.

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Maryann DeJesus

US PDP Leader, PwC US

Danielle VanDyke

US PDP Director, PwC US

Tracy Roudebush

US PDP Director, PwC US

Jaime Weber

US PDP Director, PwC US

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