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Brazil beneath the surface—the outlook for business and investing

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With an improving macroeconomic situation in Brazil - and the historic passing of pension reform - should investors look to deploy long-term capital to Latin America’s largest economy?

Despite the uncertainty in the external macroeconomic environment and geopolitical landscape, Brazil presents sizable investment opportunities in specific sectors, including: renewable energy, financial services, and consumer markets. While the continued progress on economic reforms is absolutely critical, it is in tackling the more systemic societal issues (e.g., income inequality and crime) that will prove to be the lasting success of any government - or successive governments - in Brazil. Expanding labor force participation rates of women - and reducing the gender pay gap - are clear examples of a simple solution to combat income inequality.

About PwC’s Cornering the globe publication series

Cornering the globe is a publication of PwC’s Geopolitical Investing practice, and is intended to highlight key issues our clients should be considering as they think about expanding into global markets. At the macro level, long-term economic and demographic trends indicate an abundance of opportunities to profit and expand in emerging markets. However, the risks of doing business in these regions—such as exchange rate volatility, political uncertainty, meeting the skills gap and shifts in tax and regulation—often hamper decision-making, forcing companies to react to events, rather than prepare for change and capitalize on potential dislocations.

By critically assessing key geopolitical issues that impact our clients, we provide insight into the ways in which companies can build capabilities to weather political and economic change in their foreign operations. Our Geopolitical Investing team combines rigorous insight into the key macroeconomic and geopolitical issues facing business leaders today with deep industry and sector expertise, helping companies to strategically allocate capital to grow specific business units or assets in markets around the world.

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