Risk management and monitoring

How the evolving risk landscape is impacting your controls environment

The business climate is all about innovation and change. As global companies act to seize the vast and evolving opportunities in that environment, they must also make sure they’re properly managing those opportunities’ inherent risks and obligations with an effective governance, controls testing and compliance program. Combining advanced data analytics with low-cost global delivery, leading technology tools and a managed services solution, PwC's Controls Testing and Monitoring  (CTM) solution offers a sustainable, high-quality approach to managing compliance and controls monitoring and testing requirements in today’s environment.

Our CTM solutions can help your organization:

Controls testing and monitoring: helping clients address their priority compliance needs

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IT-integrated compliance

Through data analytics, technology enablement, accelerators, GRC tools and repeatable processes, we enable clients to have a testing function that is scalable, efficient and cost effective.

Channel partner compliance

Many companies sell their products through a channel model (distributors, resellers, agents) on a global basis. Generally, companies do not have clear visibility into their channel partners and so establish programs to audit and monitor their work. CTM can assist with testing and monitoring of controls at channel partners on an ongoing basis. This could include controls relating to FCPA.

Trade compliance

Companies establish controls to monitor their compliance with trade regulations (Import and Export Regulatory Compliance). CTM can assist organizations to establish ongoing compliance monitoring programs.

Third-party risk

CTM can assist with performing continuous monitoring of contract compliance, company policy and procedure compliance related to the use of third parties.

Regulatory compliance testing

CTM assists with the alignment of regulatory risks across a common set of objectives, enabling companies to eliminate redundant controls, centralize monitoring efforts, enhance risk coverage and improve reliance by internal and external auditors. PwC has developed a regulatory and policy compliance solution to assist companies (either through a co-source or managed service model) in building their regulatory compliance testing methodology, developing compliance test plans and executing tests to provide assurance on the compliance controls associated with applicable rules and regulations.

North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) compliance

Assist registered entities with implementing NERC internal controls programs. Our proven methodology, training curriculum, tools and templates combined with our growing inventory of NERC-based internal controls can help drive efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the implementation process.

Marketing regulations

Digital marketing activities are required to comply with various compliance policies (e.g., pharmacovigilance, privacy, promotional), however challenges exist with putting these policies into practice. CTM can help centralize the monitoring process while enhancing the visibility of the Risk Management functions in the business areas impacted by these operations.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Using a team of AML controls testing specialists, PwC has developed a model using on-shore and off-shore resources to assist domestic and international banks with controls testing of their BSA/AML program.

Volker testing

CTM can assist in developing a program for ongoing monitoring of investment activities to ensure compliance with the Volker rule.

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