Claims Management and Resolution

Digital claims management solution to facilitate high volume settlements

  • Decades of experience with crisis response, victim compensation, and mass tort settlements
  • Hundreds of thousands of claims analyzed and adjudicated
  • Billions of dollars in claims settled

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Managing the unexpected

When claims arise, they are often unexpected and can require an enormous amount of effort to resolve. Poorly organized claims management programs can result in inaccurate reviews, duplicate or fraudulent payments, increased administrative costs, and significant public scrutiny. Most companies lack the people, experience and technology required to resolve claims efficiently and effectively.

End-to-end expertise

PwC has extensive experience leading claims management programs for class action settlements and victim compensation funds. Our team is uniquely positioned to help you with end-to-end assistance in the design, administration, and application of claims programs and compensation formulas. Our technology solution consolidates all program-related data in a centralized portal to help you improve claims efficiency, accuracy and transparency. We offer a best-in-class solution backed by years of PwC crisis response and claims program experience.

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Key claims services

From strategy through execution, we create solutions to model and map multiple outcomes which reduce risk and accelerate the decision making process. Our experienced resources stand ready to assist you with all areas of the claims process. Our key claims services include:


  • Process design and implementation
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Program Management

Procedures & Controls

  • Audit of existing programs
  • Establishment of effective controls and stakeholder reporting framework


  • Business intelligence, reporting and analytics
  • Implementation of claims management and reporting systems


  • Review and valuation of claims by Forensic Accounting professionals
  • Creation and execution of claimant notification strategies
  • Establishment of fraud, waste and abuse function

Why choose us?

  • Claims experience: Our teams have claims management and claims preparation experience and have worked on some of the most complex claims programs in history.
  • Innovative technology: We use technology to assist in establishing a claims management system efficiently and effectively.
  • Speed & precision: We get right to the heart of your critical business situation and rapidly deploy a targeted solution to the specifics of the program.
  • Effective process: Standard operating procedures facilitate the consistent and accurate processing of claims, while built-in controls increase quality and reduce risk of fraudulent or duplicate payments.
  • Talented professionals: Our solution teams combine a depth and breadth of experience across multiple disciplines that can scale to meet the evolving needs of a complex claims program.
  • Global network: PwC’s mature network extends into each corner of the globe, creating a specialized capability in any region. This network allows us to seamlessly work across borders and communicate in many languages.

Benefit from decades of claims experience

Our digital claims solution empowers you to be in control when operating in circumstances out of your control. Our clients benefit from an efficient, consistent, controlled, and transparent process with limited business disruption—all while treating claimants with respect and compassion. With our claims services, you will:

  • Obtain actionable insights: Access the facts easily, spot trends, and mitigate risks via interactive data visualizations.
  • Reduce risk: Mitigate fraud and duplicate payments with sophisticated detection algorithms, outlier analysis, and monitoring.
  • Centralize and control the process: Promote quality and transparency through a flexible, centralized, and controlled process.
  • Trace your work: Maintain auditable support and review history through document retention and workflows.

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