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Embrace your inner digital crime fighter

Financial crime risk

Whether it is anti-money laundering, fraud, conduct or sanctions, financial crime is a global problem. Preventing and detecting suspicious activity is rapidly becoming one of the greatest challenges for financial institutions—impacting not just monetary losses but reputation, brand, culture, relationships and regulatory censure.

Built on the premise of sharing code, our digital crime fighters are changing the game.


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We have the experience to assist our global clients
with complex regulatory issues

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Digital apps

Risk Proof consolidates the disparate parts of a risk assessment into one place—making the process visual, interactive, trackable and actionable—from setup through analysis. We help you better understand how threats connect to each other and to your business.

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Digital accelerators

The digital marketplace is our unique approach to bringing technology advances and our industry-leading experience together in a way that drives innovation and addresses business objectives for our clients. By sharing our experiences and our code, we hope to foster an increased focus on open collaboration within the financial services community. It is our way of breaking down silos that have limited innovation in this space and helping everyone explore problems from new perspectives.

People and services

PwC supports your people and services by offering multiple tools, including:

  • Frictionless onboarding 
  • Regulatory optimization 
  • Enhanced surveillance 
  • Faster investigations 
  • Testing 

Become a digital crime fighter

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PwC’s Financial Crimes Unit is the industry leader in financial crimes consulting. We bring a multi-disciplinary team across the globe, with unparalleled depth and breadth of services, talent and relationships.

Our expertise in operations helps us to
reduce the cost of compliance.

“The challenge for banks to comply with BSA requirements persists due to dynamism of money laundering and terrorism-financing methods. Also, bank offerings using new or evolving delivery channels may increase customer convenience and access to financial products and services.”

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Delivering big

By focusing on sharing our experience and code rather than data, we are enabling financial institutions to replace traditional technology and approaches with machine learning models, new ways of viewing data and networks and intelligent automation. And our clients are realizing the benefits from day one.

“PwC designed and implemented several bots to help optimize some of our most repetitive and duplicative tasks. The bots we’ve implemented have reduced error rates and allowed our investigators to focus more on complex tasks rather than data preparation activities.”

Chief AML Officer Large global bank

“I see the team here more as advisors—trying to help us on the journey of where we need to get to as an organization. PwC has helped us transform from an antiquated and inefficient AML function to a lean and cutting-edge program that embraces technology.”

Chief AML Officer Large global bank

“Network analysis provided an additional layer of monitoring to our existing suite of models while also enhancing our investigation procedures. We were able to utilize more of our data and discover new insights and risks across our customer network.”

Chief AML Officer Large global bank