PwC’s Oracle Journey Guide

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Helping your organization transform with Oracle Cloud

Are you looking to reimagine your digital enterprise to help address Finance, HR, Supply Chain or other critical business opportunities?

Through our alliance with Oracle, we use cloud-based technology to help you improve your decision-making, empower your workforce, drive innovation and accelerate your business to help you focus on what matters for your organization.

Transform with Oracle Cloud
PwC’s Oracle Cloud Journey Guide

PwC’s Oracle Cloud Journey Guide 

PwC is harnessing data from our continually growing base of live and inflight Oracle Cloud clients along with our global surveying and benchmarking capabilities to help you explore and learn more about how your peers are making their way along the Oracle Journey.

In PwC’s Oracle Journey Guide Research Insights Report, nearly 700 business leaders across the world share how to plan for a successful Oracle Cloud implementation. Explore our insights on key drivers, barriers, benefits, results and more.

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We invite you to join over 700 companies that have already participated in our market survey, PwC’s Oracle Journey Guide. With this tool, we aim to help businesses like yours recognize the opportunities and think through the challenges that come with cloud transformation. You will be asked a series of questions to provide you with real-time insights to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your organization. Additionally, you’ll unlock a personalized benchmark report detailing how you compare with other companies in your industry who have approached transformation and the results they’ve experienced.



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