Transforming Healthcare in the Cloud

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Important shifts in the healthcare industry demand that organizations transform how they do business. We have helped some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations leverage Oracle technologies to do business differently. Transforming their operations using cloud-based solutions, we’ve enabled a growing number of healthcare organizations to prepare, predict and evolve so they’re ready to embrace tomorrow. Built from industry -leading Oracle Cloud technologies, our PwC Healthcare Model System is an end-to-end framework for organizations looking to embrace embracing the cloud quickly and cost-efficiently.

Introducing PwC Healthcare Model System

Guided by PwC’s global team of industry specialists, built from industry leading Oracle cloud technologies and operationalized from lessons learned from our work with the first wave of cloud adopters, we have created the PwC Healthcare Model System: a proven framework for transforming healthcare in the cloud.

Our PwC Healthcare Model System delivers an effective roadmap for clients who want to transform their businesses and standardize their IT. By utilizing its proprietary accelerators, clients have the capability to streamline implementation efforts and maximize ROI.

With the PwC Healthcare Model System, we’re providing the foundation for the next generation of healthcare delivery.

How PwC delivers different business outcomes

PwC Healthcare Model System focuses from the beginning on outcomes that will have the greatest impact for our clients. We identify what business outcomes are achievable, and help our clients see the entire transformational journey from start to finish. Mapping it out in this way helps our clients reach their goals faster and more cost effectively, changing their way forward.

Leveraging PwC's Healthcare Model System, enables PwC to put the spotlight on what achievable business outcomes are for our clients within the healthcare industry:

Value: enhance customer and employee experience through self-service capabilities 

 leverage project accelerators from the PwC Healthcare Model System to reduce implementation time by 70% or more

 reduce administrative workloads enabling workforce to focus on clinical care and business innovation

 harness the computing and storage power of Oracle Cloud to rapidly scale operations and support new business initiatives

Empowering an academic healthcare system with PwC Healthcare Model System

Transformations across the industry hold tremendous potential to address our healthcare challenges. With PwC, Oracle solves the most complex problems and brings an unmatched depth of capabilities to the healthcare market. By leveraging PwC Healthcare Model Systems, organizations can accelerate deployment of cloud solutions, capture value sooner and gain flexibility within their infrastructure to match evolving business needs.

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Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan

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