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Help improve your cybersecurity program with Portfolio Rationalization

A joint report from PwC and Microsoft

Make more sense of your security stack 

As cybersecurity incidents have proliferated, so too have the frequency and complexity of security solutions. Worried businesses have responded by adding best-of-breed point solutions to address the threat du jour. However, despite good intentions, deployment of multiple solutions often creates a tangle of disparate software that can be difficult to manage and maintain. PwC and Microsoft have jointly developed a solution that helps organizations holistically rationalize their current applications and adjust security solutions as needed. 

Rationalization of applications can help streamline your existing portfolio by sunsetting unused or duplicated applications, modernizing high-value solutions, and consolidating and integrating applications. And that can help boost efficiencies, reduce complexities, and identify and close critical gaps in your security.

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Gain greater control over your current—and future—applications

Rationalization of the cybersecurity stack applications helps organizations assess their target cybersecurity capabilities against their current state: Potential benefits include:  

  • Gain greater visibility into and control of the cybersecurity technology stack 
  • Identify overlapping capabilities in existing technologies
  • Understand the potential to gain more functionality from existing solutions 
  • Improve integration of technologies to streamline security monitoring 
  • Inform strategic purchasing and license-renewal decisions 
  • Benefit from a cost comparison of multiple point solutions with a single platform
  • Manage cybersecurity budgets more effectively

From point to platform solutions 

The difficulties of managing multiple point solutions have prompted organizations to consider moving to a single cloud-based cybersecurity platform, such as Microsoft 365 (M365). Doing so enables businesses to subscribe to an integrated suite of advanced security tools from a leading service provider. At the same time, platform-based security limits the number of vendors and helps streamline integration, reduces complexities and ultimately lowers costs.

PwC and Microsoft at work

PwC and Microsoft have collaborated to develop a Portfolio Rationalization service that enables executives to make informed decisions that are aligned with cybersecurity and business objectives. The PwC-Microsoft Alliance fuses PwC’s business strategy experience and deep industry knowledge with Microsoft’s leading cybersecurity products to develop comprehensive solutions. Together, we can help you navigate the path toward streamlined and strong cybersecurity and boost the impact of your investments. Learn more