Automatic Contact Tracing hardware ecosystem

Four solution options to enable Automatic Contract Tracing for your workforce

Mobile App

Potential users: Anyone with access to a smartphone. Most effective when mandated for employees located within company property, or geofence. No additional equipment required. Android and iOS corporate or personal mobile devices can be equipped with the mobile app. When running, the mobile application observes and broadcasts signals for automatic contact tracing without compromising employee privacy.

Contact Tracing Device: an alternative to the mobile app

Potential users: Anyone who does not carry a phone with them at work, or does not have the app installed, and mobile workforces that operate outside the bounds of company property. An alternative to the mobile app with no additional equipment required. This device enables tracing without a smartphone or infrastructure. Scanning for ambient signals and emitting a BLE beacon, the device offers a low-profile, rechargeable form factor that can be worn on a keychain or clothing. Can be deployed in any environment.

Personal Beacon

Potential users: Guests, visitors or employees without the Mobile App or Contact Tracing Device. Must be used in addition to company-wide Mobile App and/or Contact Tracing Device.

Location Beacon

Potential uses: Stationary devices can be used in highly saturated common spaces such as conference rooms or company kitchens. Location beacons can be leveraged to better understand potential exposure by deploying these static assets and assigning them to specific locations. Must be used in addition to company-wide Mobile App and/or Contact Tracing Devices..

Manage risk and support your people effectively

Respects user privacy

We place user protection, privacy and trust above everything else. Access and retention controls further protect users and their data.

Uses tech you already have

Check-In is accessible on laptops, desktops, Android and IOS and does not require VPN. No additional hardware is required, and using location services for proximity measures means less battery drain on devices.

Provides data transparency for users

Assess risks with an encrypted record of self-reporting. Access precise proximity information with no incremental hardware or infrastructure.

When keeping your workforce safe and more protected is the goal, every second counts

Manage risk and support your return to workplace plans holistically

Take preventative action to safeguard your people, mitigate infections risks, manage capacity, and give people workplace alternatives.

Prevent workplace overcrowding and keep potentially ill individuals away

An app-based health status check helps prevent too many people and potentially ill people from coming to a workplace.

Use automatic contact tracing to help your employees feel safer at work

An automatic contact tracing ecosystem with four device options — including an app geofenced to operate only at your workplace for privacy purposes— allows you to act swiftly and help reduce the impact on others from an infected employee.

Forecast employee exposure trends, target communications and connect to other systems

Tap into your own tools, policies and systems for case management, alerts, and workforce planning. Close the information gap with data-driven dashboards and recommended actions.

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“I’m passionate about building immediate, innovative solutions to solve crisis- and risk-based issues that bring client value without sacrificing data privacy, while meeting compliance and regulatory standards.”

“I love solving big problems with diverse teams that look at possible solutions in different ways.”

“Inspired to help our clients navigate disruptive events, emerge stronger and become more connected to their people as business adapts to the new normal.”

“Becoming a connected organization should bring immediate value, while building a platform for the future. Graduating from connected devices to connected solutions can unlock the true potential of IoT.”

Collaborate and support your people anywhere, and achieve success

“A unique approach to managing the workforce using privacy - by design principles that adhere with privacy and regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.”

Source: IDC Link: PwC Launches Unique Solutions to Reduce Risk in the Move to Remote Work US46207720, April 2020

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“A concrete and immediate response — from idea to launch in five weeks — to some of the issues facing global companies and should set PwC’s clients up to better understand and manage remote working productivity.”

Source: TBR Special Report: People and Technology: PwC's Approach To Helping Clients Cope with COVID 19 - April 2020

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“A daily status connect provides the tools and data for each member of the C-Suite to improve productivity and address problems in their domains.”

Source: IDC Link: PwC Launches Unique Solutions to Reduce Risk in the Move to Remote Work US46207720, April 2020

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“With automatic contact tracing , [organizations can use] data to make resource allocation decisions that may improve productivity and keep employees as well as possible. Limit downtime among employees by protecting the workforce from any impacted individuals to the extent possible, which will also lead to increased productivity.”

Source: IDC Link: PwC Launches Unique Solutions to Reduce Risk in the Move to Remote Work US46207720, April 2020

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