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How to power your people

Make your people your superpower

We’d all love to gaze into a crystal ball that shows not just the future, but how to get there. In lieu of fortune telling, focus on preparation through people. That requires a mindset that revolves around employee experience. 

Start with upskilling. Most traditional training focuses on amassing knowledge rather than developing skills or understanding. And it’s meaningless if it doesn’t stick, drive business and motivate people. Give employees ways to apply new skills immediately and to learn from one another. It’s a must when 79% of CEOs say a lack of key skills is threatening their organizations’ growth.

of Transcenders have upended their training process and have seen results

Transcenders say their training changes have made their people focused and innovative—and more able to help drive their company’s digital strategy.  

Focus on helping your employees think and work with more agility, so they can add value to the organization as roles and consumer demands shift. What’s more, they’ll be able to apply the skills they’ve got to pivot quickly and bring more ideas and innovative solutions to the table faster. They won’t all be big successes, but the key is to give people the tools they need and empower them to use them.


Putting the “co” in collaboration
Global consumer goods company Unilever is upskilling employees by the thousands, but understands that’s just a start.

  • The company opened about a dozen “digital hubs” to gather people from different disciplines to work together to find new customers for their products.
  • The hubs bring together analysts to study data for consumer traits and trends, creatives to design and write content, marketers to monitor performance and data privacy experts to check security.
  • A so-called reverse mentoring program pairs more junior employees to act as digital guides to senior leaders.

Combined, these initiatives make up a significant focus on learning and experimenting for the 90-year-old company and allowed Unilever to quickly adapt in 2020.

“Change starts with employees: how they collaborate, how they adopt and adapt to different processes, and how they take on new challenges.”

Finance executive, Private Equity, Turkey


What’s sweeter than employee success? Ideas
Employee input and innovation have a direct impact on customer experience. That’s one reason food and beverage giant Nestlé rolled out InGenius, an employee-driven innovation accelerator. InGenius incentivizes employees to share ideas via a crowdsourcing platform where other staff can vote and join internal teams to help transform these suggestions into reality. The most popular innovations go through an expert panel and are fast-tracked through incubation, business case and a funds pitch.

Culture shifting to share more
To further boost employee engagement and increase collaboration, Nestlé went all-in on Workplace by Facebook. Nestlé says the tool has made a difference to its working culture—helping employees to share information more easily and become more motivated to get involved.

Digitally savvy—and empowered
Transcenders foster workforces that are deeply engaged in digital

Digitally savvy — and empowered

The payoff for Transcenders


more likely to attract and keep top talent


don’t face pushback about digital efforts from their people

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