Private company business issues

The business environment for private companies—regardless of industry—continues to be marked by tremendous change.

We help private companies manage the regulatory requirements imposed by the different jurisdictions around the world and the opportunities and concerns with global expansion. PwC’s private company services team can help with the myriad of issues that must be successfully addressed by your growing business.

Digital and technology solutions

Reimage your business: Embrace the right mindset and technologies to transform how you win.

Are you looking for ways to:
  • Drive innovation, improve decision making and customer experience and create new business models?
  • Extract value from new and existing technology?
  • Best apply people, processes and technologies to effect digital transformation?
Private Company Services can help you transform your business through technology.

What technologies can help you achieve better business results?

Cloud-based technology
Data analytics
Internet of Things


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PwC: A client's story: Strategic Investment in technology

Tyson Cornell, Partner, Midwest & Greater Chicago Advisory Leader, tells how we helped a client assess their need for a strategic investment in technology.

Data analytics solutions

Make better and faster decisions: Expand your perspective with trusted and actionable data-driven insights for extraordinary results.

Are you looking for ways to:
  • Get to data you can trust – and the insights— faster and easier?
  • Create a deeper, more holistic view of your business to uncover hidden threats and new opportunities?
  • Unlock the value of data and insights that help you anticipate and test the impact of future moves, before you commit?
  • Engage and excite your talent with better ways of thinking and doing through easier access to insights? 

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A client story: Getting the most out of your ERP system

Shawn Panson, Private Company Services Leader


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