Transform operations from smart to brilliant with PwC's Smart Transmission and Distribution solution

Only 18% of utility company execs say that their company is ready for market transformation.*

What if you could build a modern, digital utility platform within six months—and deliver more than 15% bottom line improvements in the areas of operational performance and compliance?

PwC’s Smart Transmission and Distribution (T&D) solution rapidly transforms your most critical operational capabilities at low cost and accelerates moving your gas or electric T&D operation from its current state to the promise of full digital operations.

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*Source: PwC’s Utility Platforms Player

90% of utility companies believe to stay ahead they must build the strategies and capabilities needed within the next five years, or the window of opportunity will close.

Source: PwC’s Utility Platforms Player

A smarter power and utilities solution that does the thinking for you

At PwC we are changing the game for utilities—from complex, costly and multi-year projects to fast time-to-value transformations. PwC's Smart T&D solution can deliver new digital field operations experiences within six months.

Centralized work and asset management capabilities provide advanced scheduling and mobile dispatch functionality. Emerging technologies help us modernize utility operations, enabling a new generation of utility employees to work faster and smarter. 

The result? Deeper customer relationships and improvements to your bottom line:

Spotlight: Micro apps

Benefit: Improved user experience, easier and faster entry of work order information and fewer data entry errors.

Within our Smart T&D Solution, you will have access to a number of PwC’s micro apps. These powerful apps provide highly usable modules that will improve your field efficiency by streamlining field data capture for substation and distribution assets.

We’ll leverage existing apps to develop custom products geared towards supporting your people in the field and in the back office, who will be able to use them every day.

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Explore how we've helped set these clients on an accelerated path to more efficient, modern utility operations:

Serving the power and utilities industry across the globe

With more than 1,400 power and utility industry professionals in the US and more than 4,500 people located in strategic energy hubs across the world, we help power and utility companies everywhere they operate.

Transform your utility operations
from smart to brilliant.

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