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Enterprise asset management and operations solutions for power and utilities companies

Strategic, integrated assets and operations – a “must”

Assets are the lifeblood of the power and utilities industry. Power stations, gas pipelines, electricity cables, substations—the list goes on. And that’s before counting all the data, buildings, people and other assets that are part of running any modern business.

It’s hardly news that waves of change are rocking the industry. In addition to deregulation, new legislation, policy uncertainties and sharp increases in cybersecurity incidents, you have to deal with the revenue changes caused by a tougher economy and the volatility arising from the increased deployment of distributed renewable generation sources.

Clearly, in this challenging environment, one way to meet the public’s expectations for safe, affordable, continuous power—not to mention your stakeholders’ need for higher returns and optimal corporate performance—is to focus on your operations.

It’s all about connections

In an interdependent world, making the connections between actions or events in one place and impacts in another is important. Inside a company, it is vital. And, in the asset-heavy power and utilities sector, it is absolutely critical.

At PwC, we excel at identifying those connections, bringing a rich array of capabilities and workstreams together, making sure every project you undertake is connected to making your business stronger overall. Here are some of the areas in which we help our power & utility clients:

Enterprise Asset Management

Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, you must stay ahead of the massive and complex regulatory, business, and technology changes roiling the industry—while keeping operations running smoothly, and costs under control. Higher input costs, stretched supply lines and the need to invest in infrastructure are also putting significant additional cost into the value chain. But there are limits to how far costs can be passed on to end-users. Strategic, integrated asset management is a must.

We offer an extensive set of tools, templates and solutions—including close integration of SAP, Oracle and PowerPlan technologies to drive Enterprise Asset Management initiatives. We can help you re-engineer or standardize your processes, practices and technology solutions, through every major phase, to create tangible, sustained results for your business.

Operations strategy and transformation

The demand for customer centric focus, end to end integrated operations and cost management has never been greater. Our approach is based on insights drawn from a variety of lenses: customers, processes, technology, information, structure and people. Implementation is collaborative, multi-dimensional and driven to reduce costs, capture lost revenue, and improve efficiency. Practical and complete answers to the most complex business questions are enabled by our deep industry and multi-functional experience. We can help across a wide range of operational excellence initiatives aimed to accomplish your objectives in safety, reliability, compliance, efficiency, customer, and employee engagements.

Supply chain management

Supply chain has traditionally been regarded as a necessary cost burden to power supply and delivery businesses, understandable perhaps since a regular flow of materials is critical to keeping the lights on. No more. In the current environment, your supply chain must be a strategic enabler.

We can help you through all aspects of engagements—from assessments and strategy to large-scale implementation of process and technology improvements focused on moving the needle on cost, services and scalability.

Capital projects

Energy and capital are symbiotically connected. The scale of capital project investment in the utilities sector is immense, the competition for resources is intense, and the regulatory landscape is complex and all-pervasive. We are here to assist you every step of the way—from project appraisal, structuring and technology, to governance, execution and follow-up.

PwC Power & Utilities

With over 4,500 industry-focused professionals within the global network of firms—PwC’s Power & Utilities practice is well placed to help.

We’re strong on lots of things, including technology, people, process, data, governance and strategy. But our big strength is bringing them all together—making sure every project you undertake is connected to the most important goal of all: making your business stronger.

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Daryl Walcroft

Principal, Capital Projects & Infrastructure Leader, PwC US

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