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Building a better, cleaner and more reliable energy-connected future for customers requires effective strategy and seamless execution. We can help you choose the right next steps in your journey.

The Utility Platform Player

Integrating a new energy economy

Power and utility leaders know there’s a real possibility that if they don’t further define their role in the energy ecosystem of the future, they’ll continue to lose ground to new entrants who are eager to step in and take their place. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We explore how companies can embrace disruption and place the right bets becoming even more relevant to society in an expanded role of a Utility Platform Player, or connector and integrator. We’ll also share peer perspectives from a recent survey of industry leaders.

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North American Power and Utilities deals insights: Q3 2019

Deal value declined in the third quarter of 2019 compared to Q2 2019 and the same quarter in the prior year primarily due to the continued absence of a mega-deal ($5+ billion) in the sector. This quarter had the lowest deal value since Q2 2017 and lowest deal volume since Q3 2017. However, Q3 2019 witnessed deals across the industry landscape, shedding a positive light in the diversity of opportunities within the sector. Q3 saw smaller deals spanning fossil generation, pipeline, renewable, district energy, retail, and storage.

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