Accelerating consumer health and better economics

That’s the DoubleJump™

The most successful organizations will mobilize the power of ecosystems and engage consumers in managing their own health to disrupt chronic disease, transform care and unburden our health system. PwC’s DoubleJump Health™ accelerates this level of innovation.

Everyone will play a new role in the future of health

How will your organization gain a stronger foothold?

Organizations are radically expanding and reinventing themselves in order to tackle health’s biggest issues. Rather than relying on one-off interactions, companies need an intertwined, mutual exchange of capabilities, services and products. Many will collaborate in pursuit of a common goal, such as reducing chronic disease, accelerating research or empowering consumers.

How PwC can help

DoubleJump Health is PwC’s consumer health accelerator, dedicated to helping organizations accelerate consumer-focused health and better economics at the same time.

  • Bodylogical fuses analytics and science to bring an entirely new level of precision to health and economics—to help identify outcomes and ROI before investing in interventions. 
  • The DoubleJump™ Interchange is a cloud based platform and set of managed services that enable cross-enterprise collaboration to accelerate data driven development of precision therapies and delivery of personalized care.
  • The Consumer Experience Platform is a consumer-centric experience platform aimed at engaging health consumers in a leading-edge healthcare experience that integrates multiple health services, tasks and benefits.

Mobilizing the power of industry to accelerate each person toward a healthy life. That’s the DoubleJump.

How DoubleJump Health accelerates innovation

Chronic disease management

Slow, stop and better manage the progression of chronic disease in an individual or a community, and to do so in a way that can show true returns-on-investments to consumers and the enterprise alike. Learn more.

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Drug research and development

Increase the speed of research breakthroughs and see ahead of clinical trials to focus investments on high-success drugs and therapeutics. Learn more.

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Consumer wellness

Put prescriptive analytics into the hands of individuals to help them understand how their unhealthy behaviors increase their personal risk—and to provide the simplest, most achievable ways to turn it around. Learn more.

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Chronic disease management through interventions that really work – and deliver ROI

By 2050, a third of Americans will have one or more chronic conditions, such as metabolic disorder, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

DoubleJump Health is helping health organizations accelerate innovation to break the trajectory of chronic illness and better support individuals in getting well.

Transforming care for the 201 million Americans facing chronic conditions

Donna is a 42-year-old mother of two who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. In addition to her own diabetes, her husband is diabetic, and her mother suffers from heart disease.

Donna is a persona, but she represents the health issues of millions of Americans. Every 23 seconds someone learns they have diabetes; 1 in 4 deaths are due to heart disease. DoubleJump Health innovations help mobilize health ecosystems and engage consumers so that a new and different future is possible.

More power to the consumer – and to health data

Making managing your own health “sticky”

Right now, there’s no way to get individualized answers about what a person requires to successfully manage chronic conditions, or get better results from health improvement efforts.

Often, the efficacy of fitness trackers drops off because there’s not enough value in the information collected; people briefly stick to doctors’ orders and then slide back into usual habits.

Bodylogical™ from DoubleJump Health presents an integrated picture of many possible health interventions and pulls the future close to the present to help people take charge of their health.

Accelerating discovery and speed to market for drug research and development

To succeed in the New Health Economy, organizations must innovate around the consumer. This is especially true in the areas of clinical research and the development of new drugs.

Accelerating research and personalized medicine

To practice precision medicine, health providers need to understand the complex impact of a person’s biology, behaviors and surroundings on the course of disease. Today, information and insights from clinical and research data are often inaccessible or lost in the “black hole” of unstructured data (e.g., patient responses, adverse events and research study notes) and disconnected systems (e.g., diagnostic images, lab reports and “-omic” databases), delaying breakthroughs in research and translation to clinical care. The Interchange from DoubleJump Health can help academic medical centers, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies securely access data to accelerate scientific discoveries and translate them into better patient care—faster.


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