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Understand the broad pandemic implications on your healthcare business

Dynamically simulate the healthcare ecosystem’s COVID-19 progression, economic impact, consumer response and plan your company’s strategies and actions

Gain insights today with a dynamic simulator that uses a synthetic dataset to replicate the US adult population - including 1,600+ variables. The toolkit integrates health and disease modeling, economic observations, actuarial science, clinical and consumer behavior data - at the zipcode level. This means that you can actively simulate strategic, financial and operational scenarios - then develop plans, learn, and adjust accordingly for the future.

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How can you benefit?

With actionable data in hand, health stakeholders—hospitals, payers, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations and employers—can actively assess their response to COVID-19 and focus on recovering stronger in the transition to what’s next.

  • Healthcare systems: Estimate and adjust capacity needs at a local level; forecast re-activation volumes using clinical and behavioral modeling; design interventions and newer care pathways to address consumer concerns; evaluate current and future strategies; and manage financial and resource impacts dynamically.
  • Payers: Understand changes to employment and member mix; assess and forecast medical cost and financial impacts; and evaluate future strategies at local and macro levels dynamically.
  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences: Assess local demand for drugs; improve your distribution and value chain; and evaluate and evolve future strategies.
  • Employers: Utilize scenario planning and modeling to develop and test return to work approaches and design plans protecting and managing workforce health and productivity.

Our technology-enabled service can be customized to meet your needs, with one connected solution to help you answer key questions:


How might market recovery scenarios play out? What are the emerging “new normals”? What are the potential impacts of the pandemic on communities - including demand and behavior? What short-and long-term strategies should I employ?


How can I allocate resources effectively to manage the uncertainty? How do I manage the reactivation on a daily basis and adapt decision making?


What are the potential immediate and long term impacts to my financial forecasts? How do I enhance my recovery path and long term planning?

“A combination of disease progression, employment and consumer behavioral factors playing out at a zip code level can help determine our national health and economic outlook. Instead of planning against one or two model outcomes, organizations should dynamically simulate and prepare for a range of scenarios in their operational and operational plans.”

Sundar Subramanian, HIA Strategy Consulting & Growth Platforms Leader


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Sundar Subramanian

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