Helping companies address the challenges brought on by the disruptive trends that are currently transforming the automotive industry.

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PwC’s automotive practice provides counsel in such areas as sustainability, auto electrification, enterprise risk management, M&A, supply chain and emerging trends around mobility. We leverage our extensive experience in the industry to help companies solve complex business challenges with efficiency and quality.

One of our practice's key competitive advantages is Autofacts®, a team of automotive industry specialists dedicated to ongoing analysis of sector trends.

You can also visit our Global Automotive practice webpage for insights tailored to your region.

Mobility reimagined

Ready or not, the future is here

The auto industry as we know it is at a crossroads. A number of disruptive forces are beginning to change how people, places and goods move from point “A” to point “B”. Combine these trends with advancing technologies, increasingly demanding consumers, and a burgeoning interest to deploy “smart city” innovations, and it’s no wonder why the issue of mobility is at the forefront of global cross-industry discussions.

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