Ellen  Walsh

Ellen Walsh

Transformation Consulting Solutions Leader, PwC US

I’m the Transformation Platform Deputy Leader for the Consulting segment, a member of PwC’s US Board of Partners, and as a career-long “PwC-er”, I’ve had a front-row seat in our exciting journey of building our world-class consulting capabilities to serve our amazing clients.

I help clients across all industries on business and operations transformation, enterprise strategy, digital customer experience, deals value and integration, corporate function and organizational change. With my background in Financial Services, I’ve led teams to bring all of these capabilities to our clients.  And more importantly, I’ve seen the business outcomes our clients have realized from working with PwC.

My greatest passion in serving clients allows me to bring PwC’s best thinking to help them achieve their growth and transformation plans. As an avid golfer, I’ve learned the most important shot is the next one, and at PwC I love bringing my perspective to the most challenging business issues enabling my clients to thrive, one step at a time.

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