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Working in Finance Transformation, you'll partner with CFOs to address their most pressing concerns and drive strategic, digital, and process-oriented change across the finance function

Careers in Finance Transformation

Financial scorekeeping is no longer the core responsibility of the finance function, and successful finance teams must operate as strategic partners to the business. To accomplish this, CFOs are reimagining their people, technology, and processes. Watch this video to learn more!

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PwC Finance Transformation

Move from transactional processing to strategic, actionable insights. PwC’s expertise, services and solutions help you accelerate your finance transformation, no matter where you are on your journey.

Explore some example engagements other Finance Transformation Interns and Associates have worked on

Finance Strategy

Establish a blueprint of modern Finance vision and strategy that will transform a company’s people, processes and technology aimed at helping to reduce costs, and improve operational effectiveness and capabilities.

Services & Solutions:

  • Explore the “art of the possible” of a modern Finance function, through interactive and hands-on workshops designed to help teams rapidly innovate and transform.

  • Benchmark against industry peers on effectiveness, maturity and costs of the Finance function.

  • Develop the optimal target operating model to support strategic objectives.

“The CFO of a company asked us to assess the finance operations of the company to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness. To do so, we administered a digital activity analysis and conducted interviews aimed at identifying areas where the company had responses that were different when compared to peer companies. Based on the comparison to benchmarking data and leading practice, we identified a list of opportunities to improve their finance strategy going forward.”

Finance Operations

Implement strategies to reduce operational complexity, streamline processes, and optimize the use of technology for core finance processes: Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, and Acquire-to-Retire. This leads to improved efficiency, control and quality, lower cost, and increased capacity for business partnering and collaboration.

Services & Solutions:

  • Optimize and redesign core finance processes and policies, leveraging PwC’s leading KPIs and digital solutions.

  • Assess and implement leading technologies to automate and transform core finance processes.

  • Improve working capital and liquidity by enhancing transactional efficiencies.

  • Develop and implement strategies to minimize financial risk including foreign exchange, interest rate, counterparty credit, and commodity.

"Our client announced the divestiture of a $3B+ business as part of their broader restructuring efforts. My team helped drive the design, development and stand-up of the divested company's treasury operating model. One exciting component of the project was orchestrating the grand finale, ensuring the $3B+ from the buyer flowed into the correct parent companies and their bank accounts.”

Finance Service Delivery & Organization Design

Implement the optimal service delivery model and organizational design to support the strategic objectives of the business, while driving sustainable cost savings, standardization, quality, enhanced skills and capabilities, and agility.

Services & Solutions:

  • Develop and implement a future global service delivery model, including shared service centers, outsourcing, centers of excellence, and agile finance teams.

  • Establish the optimal organizational design to support the needs of the business, including role identification (traditional and emerging) and responsibilities, spans and layers, and interaction models to support the needs of the business.

  • Improve functional and digital acumen and build a culture of innovation and advancement through tailored learning and development programs.

  • Attract and retain the next generation of employees and leverage the gig economy.

“I had the exciting opportunity to set up a shared services organization for a global multinational ingredient solutions company. Partnering with our client, we built a strategy to reduce the cost of back office services. This strategy involved standardizing and streamlining processes, which enabled the company to provide best-in-class services to its employees around the world. It was so inspiring to get to meet the staff of all 3 new centers and see them grow into their new role as a strategic business partner!”

Analytics & Business Partnering

Evolve a company’s analytics capabilities from descriptive to predictive insights by aligning objectives with enterprise strategy, enabling a data-driven culture, and implementing the right technology and enabling infrastructure.

Services & Solutions

  • Improve the effectiveness of a company’s planning, budgeting, consolidation, and management and statutory reporting processes to enable better analytics, insights, and controls.

  • Implement strategy linked planning process by integrating your strategic plan with the business and capital plan to improve the performance of the enterprise.

  • Accurately determine the product cost of a unit of production or service to drive objective, data-driven discussions of business performance.

  • Enhance utilization of data and embed analytics and AI models into the company’s operations to deliver greater value to business partners.

“Our healthcare provider client's rapid growth and expansion led to a non-fully integrated business system landscape with significant numbers of bolt-ons and customizations. As a result, client leadership was looking to upgrade from their legacy solutions to Oracle Cloud. My team helped drive the successful rollout of a complex Enterprise Performance Management system that is critical for budgeting and long-term financial planning at Indiana’s most comprehensive health system.”

Transactions & Integration Support

Navigate the full transaction lifecycle from pre-close diligence and support through post-deal day-to-day operations. Partner with other PwC teams across the globe to support the entire deal lifecycle.

Services & Solutions:

  • Execute financial and operational due diligence with value creation levers, transition planning, integration and separation issues.

  • Accelerate acquisition integration.

  • Identify divestiture transition costs, post separation target operating model plans, functional separation plans, transition service agreements, and Day One Readiness plans.

  • Coordinate enterprise-wide program management efforts.

“It was announced that our client was being acquired by a large global Fortune 50 company. My team helped with the pre-deal integration support getting the acquired company’s CFO and senior finance leaders prepared for navigating the operational changes ahead. It was so cool to be a part of something that made the front page of the Wall Street Journal at age 22!”

Why Does Finance Transformation Matter?

  • 68% of CFOs are investing in digital transformation over the next 12 months, including in technologies like cloud and analytics.
  • Leading finance organizations are investing more in finance upskilling and reskilling. The top quartile of companies spent at least three times more ($2,747 per Finance employee) in upskilling programs than the median ($907 per Finance employee).
  • By pairing macro investments in technology infrastructure with citizen-led innovation, companies equip their Finance professionals to create efficiency through automation. This allows for less time spent gathering, collecting and verifying data and more time analyzing it. For the top quartile of companies, the share of total time spent analyzing data has increased from 47% in 2013 to 73% in 2021.

Source: PwC 2021 Finance Effectiveness Benchmark Study

Hear from former interns on their experience in Finance Transformation

“When I was an intern, I felt strongly supported by my FT team members, who were more than willing to invest their time in my development. Whether I needed help navigating the firm's culture or client related work, they went above and beyond to make sure I had a successful internship. Having this experience made me at ease when I returned to work full-time since I had already built many connections that welcomed me back to PwC!” 

- Bianca Hill, Dallas, University of Texas - Austin


"My experience as a Finance Transformation (FT) intern has enabled me to establish long lasting relationships with colleagues and leaders in the firm. Additionally, I was able to gain an intimate understanding of PwC’s culture and many “ways of working.” Finally, and most importantly, the FT internship helped to increase the confidence I have in myself and my abilities, which continues to shape my brand to this day."

- Alex Sterling, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I feel fortunate to have found a talented group of individuals who are both incredibly driven and deeply care. The people I work with are driven both to solve our client's most complex finance challenges, as well as to be (and help develop) strong leaders. Perhaps foundational to everyone I've interacted with is the deep sense of care I've experienced, first and foremost as an individual and secondly as a finance practitioner. These attributes have a strong footing in our culture and truly excite me for the future.”

- Brandon Bencko, Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“Finance Transformation gives me an avenue to explore my passions alongside my client work. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and onboard new joiners, organize fundraisers for local nonprofits, and gain exposure to PwC’s client delivery lifecycle. Without a doubt, the friendships I’ve made through these opportunities helped make my transition from college to PwC even easier.”

- Kara Benerofe, New York, Northeastern University

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