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Tech-enabling how we give to nonprofits

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Helping to close the opportunity gap

At PwC, we’re investing in technology that meets our people where they are and helps make it easier to give to causes they’re passionate about, many of which help close the opportunity gap for underserved communities.

Ways we're using technology to make giving to nonprofits simple and fast for our people

Technology makes giving simple and fast

Meetings, volunteer opportunities and office social gatherings may seem like unlikely places to donate to charity—but that is where "Text to Give" comes in. If a PwC employee is inspired to contribute at an event they are attending, they can donate from their phone with a unique code generated from PwC’s Giving Site. No need to log into a website. And no need to enter payment information because the donation is deducted from their next paycheck. Capabilities like this allow our people to make a meaningful impact at the touch of a button.

Swiping to give at firm events

Swiping and tapping credit cards to make purchases are second nature and people expect the process to be simple and fast. Contributing to nonprofits should be no different and we wondered: how can PwC do something similar to make in-office giving complement an easy and familiar experience?

PwC employees wear (or carry) their employee badges throughout our offices. With that in mind, we worked across a number of PwC teams to turn our badges into a swipe-to-give mechanism. While attending a training, holiday or volunteer event, or even while walking through the lobby, PwC employees can quickly swipe their badge to make a donation from their next paycheck.

Tracking annual donations with a bot

Using a bot is not as futuristic as it sounds. For those that make donations outside of PwC's Giving Site, we developed a bot that makes it easy to upload their donations and track their giving in one place. All a PwC employee needs to do is download the bot from our Digital Lab, direct the bot to a list of their donations, and hit run. From there, the bot automatically logs into PwC’s Giving Site, searches the system for the relevant charitable organizations and enters each donation into the PwC employee’s profile. This step forward helps unlock potential for even more automation in the future.

In 2019, 32,000 PwC partners and staff gave $34m to causes they care deeply about, bringing our employee giving rate to an all-time high of 71%. Giving is one more way our people are making a meaningful impact in our communities.

Bringing technology to our giving culture helps make it more accessible, and the proof is in the numbers.

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Shannon Schuyler

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