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PwC is committed to providing rewarding careers for women in the Deals business. More women than ever are choosing the dynamic Deals environment as a pathway to career success. We are passionate about increasing female representation across all levels of our Deals business and this starts with our graduates. The Edge graduate programme positively encourages applications from females and is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that actively supports female career progression throughout our Deals business. We asked some of our senior female Deals colleagues and role models from across the globe to tell us why they chose Deals and to share their experiences working in the dynamic and diverse Deals business at PwC.

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Let's hear from some of our female Deals colleagues...

Edge Graduate and Deals Manager, PwC Ireland

Deals Partner, PwC Singapore

Edge Graduate and Deals Manager, PwC Netherlands

Deals Director, PwC New Zealand ​

Deals Partner, PwC South Africa

Edge Graduate and Deals Manager, PwC Ireland

Partner, PwC Middle East

Partner, PwC UK

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Director, PwC Germany

Director, PwC South Africa

Director, PwC Belgium

Senior Manager, PwC Cyprus

Director, PwC South Africa

Partner, PwC Finland

Senior Manager, PwC Spain

Senior Manager, PwC Switzerland

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The PwC Edge programme is a training ground that gives you a chance to connect with peers from across the globe and gain amazing experience rotating through all parts of the Deals business.

Orla Fisher, Deals DirectorPwC Ireland

Our women in Deals


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