She is a deal-maker

Orla Fisher

Deals Director,
PwC Ireland

When considering a career path, Orla deliberated whether to go the business or science route. Initially it was a tough choice as she was passionate about both. After a few sleepless nights she decided on PwC and has not looked back since. She initially joined the Assurance team before moving to Transaction Services in Deals. Her success has led to overseas secondments and experience working with a breadth of international clients across a number of sectors. She is an avid supporter of the PwC Edge programme and encourages people who, like her, had a passion for science to give business a go.



You deliberated about a career in business or science. What influenced you to go for business?

I really liked the commercial aspect of business and was particularly drawn to Deals as I knew it was project driven. I love being busy and liked the idea of getting immersed in a project, turning it around in a short period of time and adding real value to clients. I also knew that the work was global and that there was an opportunity for travel, which was really attractive to me.

What advice would you give to female students considering a career in Deals?

Go for it!  The work is really interesting and challenging but so much fun too. You get the opportunity to work with extremely interesting and highly capable people and learn so much from fellow colleagues, clients and targets. The PwC Edge programme is a great training ground for you. You get a chance to connect with peers from across the globe and gain amazing experience rotating through all parts of the Deals business. Plus there is continuous exposure to a variety of new and emerging financial, commercial and operational developments, which means we are always learning and at the forefront of new business and technology.

You’re a Director in the Deals business in PwC Ireland.  What do you attribute your success to?

Working hard, being highly driven and fiercely determined. I also think that it is important that you be your true self. I bring different skills and perspectives and, by staying true to myself, I know that I deliver real value to our clients. I also think that it is really important to be agile, resilient and confident.

What’s it like working in an area that could be viewed as historically male dominated?

It can be hard sometimes, particularly where some clients and targets are used to being guided and advised by men. I get a great sense of satisfaction when I deliver a top quality piece of work, add significant value and give solid advice. Also, in my experience, while I may be one of the few women leading transactions, there are increasingly more women working in the area than I’ve seen before.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given about developing your career?

Back yourself. You’re excellent at your job and you deserve a seat at the table. We can sometimes be our own harshest critics but it is really important to believe in yourself, what you have achieved and what you are capable of.

And, finally, what advice would you give prospective Edge applicants?

Be confident and back yourself in your curriculum vitae (CV), application form and interview. Think about what you know and what you have achieved, not what you haven’t. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You’re individual and your life experiences so far will bring something new to PwC. Don’t assume you need to fit into a norm, PwC doesn’t! Finally, never compromise on your values; know what’s important to you and pursue that with conviction and determination.


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