She is a deal-maker

Lisa Fuhler

Deals Manager,
PwC Netherlands

Lisa Fuhler has a master’s in Finance and International Financial Management and is an Edge graduate. She is currently preparing for her highlight, the secondment to PwC Australia in Sydney.



What initially attracted you to Deals?​

Fresh out of university I was still a bit unsure of which direction I wanted to go. I had finished my master studies in Finance and International Financial Management, had an interest in how businesses operate and knew I liked working with data.​

What attracted me to PwC Deals is the dynamic and fast-paced environment, interesting (international) clients and the ambitious, like-minded people you get to work with. I was curious and eager and due to the aforementioned, I knew the learning curve would be steep.​

I decided to apply for the PwC Edge programme as rotating to different Deals teams would allow me to experience different facets of the deal cycle, get to know and work with many different people and to discover where my strengths lie. You not only get to build a strong network regionally, but also across EMEA. I believe this is the perfect way to kickstart your career.​

Tell us about your role, what does it involve? ​

The digitisation of Deals is a hot topic. During the Edge programme I discovered that I want to be part of this – I like to work with data, developing our people, and I enjoy thinking out of the box. I constantly think: how can we do things better and more efficiently?​

Since finishing my rotations, I have been involved in data-driven initiatives related to the digitisation of Deals. I had a data & analytics (D&A) role for 1.5 years in our Financial Due Diligence (FDD) team, during which I worked on innovative tools and facilitated training sessions to upskill others and expand their D&A capabilities.​

I’m now with the Deal Analytics team for two years, focusing on creating a digital asset related to benchmarking. In my role I can be creative and innovative, which I really enjoy. I work together with Deals colleagues from all levels and teams, developers and specialists and act as a linking pin between them.​

What has been the highlight of your career in Deals with PwC?​

I’m currently preparing for my highlight, which lies in the future: I’m going on secondment to PwC Sydney this year. Super exciting! I’m very much looking forward to this and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.​

What is the best thing about working in a profession traditionally dominated by men? ​

The Deals environment has indeed traditionally been dominated by men, but it has become much more diverse in the broadest sense. I not only get to work with other women, but also with a diverse group of colleagues in terms of country of origin, culture and background.​

The best thing is that there’s a full spectrum of personalities – from feminine to masculine, introvert to extravert… By bringing together different perspectives, we’re able to challenge the status quo and come up with the best solutions.​


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