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Albertha Charles

Deals Partner,

“There were only a handful of women partners when I joined PwC UK. I have seen a huge rise in the number of female partners, we are doing it and doing it successfully.”



Why did you pursue a career in Deals?

I initially pursued an accountancy degree in the UK and originally planned to join my parents in running the family business. I realised early on however that I was more interested in the commercial and strategic aspects of business than the financial and technical. After successfully completing my accountancy qualifications and an MBA I accepted a Valuations and Strategy role in Deals at PwC UK.

“It seemed like the dream role for me combining my accounting background with the more strategic and holistic view of the business.”

Tell us about your role, what does it involve?

The valuations business is part of Transactional Services (TS) in Deals. My work involves helping clients to understand the value impact of their investment decisions. On a deal I help clients to decide how much a business is worth to them and to other bidders in a transaction. For example, on a buy-side I value the business, analyse potential synergies to my client and to other bidders, so they get a good understanding of what the business is worth to them and to their competitors, be it financial or strategic buyers. I therefore help our clients to enter a negotiation being better informed about what a competitor might be willing to pay for the asset.

What is it about the role you enjoy the most?

Seeing a deal start, working through the value story with a client and then getting it over the line, being at the heart of the deal is hard work but always exciting. We work on a number of high profile deals, so seeing those appearing in the paper, showcasing the work we do here at PwC, knowing my team and I made a difference and helped to make it happen does give me a real sense of pride in what we do.

Did you have any role models?

I think I have had lots of role models – I don’t focus on one particular person as a role model. My approach has always been to observe successful people with values that I can relate to and then really try to understand the stand out things about them and how I can learn from it and apply it in a way that feels authentic to me. So I do learn different things from different people. One mentor does stand out to me because of her excellent market profile in a male dominated sector – she became a key person of influence in that market, a respected voice with a fantastic network. She was inspirational!

What’s the best piece of advice you were given as a graduate?

The best piece of advice I was given was to be curious, to understand the markets and my clients and what they really valued, to ask questions, and also give your opinion because as a graduate you bring a fresh and valuable perspective that is truly incremental.

What is the best thing about being a female in an environment perceived as predominantly male?

I have always had the ability to connect with clients as individuals and in a way that reflects who I am including my gender. I always try to make an emotional as well as a professional connection which means showing more of who you are, using your emotional intelligence and bringing your whole self into work. Some of that will be gender and some will relate to my cultural background, but ultimately for me it’s about being comfortable in your skin, regardless of your gender or your ethnicity. It’s about honouring yourself, valuing what you bring and building relationships in a way that is authentic to who you are. My most trusted and loyal clients are those who see me as I am.

 “So using all those female emotional intelligence skills is really vital as you understand people’s agendas and motives.”

Any advice for young women thinking about joining Deals?

There has never been a better time for young women entering the deals space. This network and the whole world of work is transforming. Attracting more women and more diverse talent in all aspects of work is a strategic priority for every organisation. Everyone wants to see a much broader mix of people empowered to be themselves in our increasingly flexible working environment

“This is the best time for women to enter Deals or other traditionally male dominated arenas. Employers have a broader agenda to diversify the workforce and so female graduates are walking into an environment which is designed to attract and retain women in a way which it never has been before.”


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