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Kicking off your career with PwC is a special start, particularly as a fresh graduate.

Can you imagine what it means to have access to over 250,000 colleagues across 158 countries, and all that from Mauritius? If you join us, we'll be giving you access to a global network for you to learn, grow and develop into the accomplished professional that you aspire to be.

Diversity is at the heart of our business. We are always looking for people a range of different degree backgrounds and life experiences. You’ll be starting alongside over 50-60 other graduates in the exact same boat as you are. You’ll learn from each other just as much as you’ll learn from us. And you’ll make some life-long friends along the way.

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What's so special about working at PwC Mauritius?

Why should I choose PwC?

Choosing PwC as your first job is the ideal launching pad. From day one, you'll join a big family; you'll help solve important problems and build trust in society alongside established and influential business professionals.

We will be honest: we'll expect you to work smartly, be committed and flexible, and build working relationships of high value which are genuine and rooted in trust. In return, we'll provide the support and encouragement you need to succeed and meet your professional goals. We'll take care of you and your progress will be our priority.

You've got a lot to gain by choosing us, and we're explaining why by telling you about four things that are part of the Graduate Recruitment package: Work - Growth - Reward - Social.

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A real challenge: PwC works with some of the best known local and international brands. You can expect to be challenged and stretched by working for our prestigious clients and on complex projects. However, we can assure that working for the best brings rewarding professional experiences that can help shape your career.

Growing into an accomplished professional: Your development will be packed with variety and challenge. As you grow with us, you will get more responsibilities and you'll have the opportunity to manage a team.

Flexible work environment: PwC offers a truly flexible environment where individual goals are respected as much as professional goals, and contribution is measured by results, not by the number of hours you spend in the office. The average age at PwC Mauritius is 30 years old, and thus we understand that your life should not be on hold from Monday to Friday. You'll be encouraged to be in charge of your own working routines and find time to do other things that you enjoy outside of work.

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Growth & Development

Structured training: Your development is our priority and in average we dispense around 100 hours of training to associates in their first year. This is a mixture of tutor-led training by industry experts as well as through our online platforms that contain over 5000 e-learns.

Professional qualifications: We'll enroll you to study towards a professional qualification. Good news is that we pay for your tuitions and exam fees as well as costs of subscription. But that's not all, you get around 6 - 8 days of study leave for each exam.

Constant feedback: You should never be in the dark as to how you are performing. Your reporting lines provide constant feedback and support for your development using our real-time Snapshot tool. 


Competitive salary and bonus: We have a transparent system of performance appraisal that ensures we reward you in away that reflects your contribution. While assessment is ongoing through the real-time Snapshots tool, salary increases/bonuses are distributed yearly around July-August.

Clear career progression and promotion: It's not all about money, and we know that as you jump into the world of work, you're also looking to make a place for yourself and be respected.

Social life at PwC

The PwC Centre: Our new office in Moka is at the cutting edge of modern, sustainable design, and equipped with the latest technologies. You’ll find open spaces, fun areas, quiet pods, stand-up desks and heaps of other options to help optimise your well-being at work.

Visit the PwC Centre webpage

Social scene: How you spend your free time is up to you, but our social scene is one of the best things about working here. We hope you're big on energy so that you can make the most of Team away days, social drinks and parties, CSR activities, the PwC Fun Day and the famous PwC End of Year Party.

Who we’re looking for

Technology, automation and artificial intelligence are disrupting how we work. In this rapidly changing world, technical capabilities are no longer enough. The skills that make us uniquely human will matter most.

Leadership, flexibility, relationships, ambition and insight. At PwC, we see and develop these traits in everyone. At their happiest, most engaged and most creative, our people are unstoppable. It's their ‘human difference’ that helps them thrive in life and at work.

Our PwC Professional Framework articulates the attributes we look for in a PwC professional in order to meet the expectations of our clients, colleagues and communities.  

The Recruitment Process

Shedding a light on the recruitment process

Our selection process consists of a number of stages through which we come to understand your experience and motivation as well as what makes you unique. Find out more on the stages below.

Step 1 – Express online application via our Recruitment form


You will be providing your personal details as well as an overview of your academic achievements so far via a quick Recruitment form.

You don't need to provide us with a motivational letter but at a later stage we will ask to confirm your interest in joining us by submitting a short video of at least 30 seconds in which you'll be telling us more about yourself, showcasing your personality and why you could be the next PwC Professional.


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Step 2 – Online ability test

A test (90 minutes) that you can do at home to assess your verbal and numerical skills, and how you cope with solving problems under time pressure.

Step 3 – Assessment Centre/Panel Interview

The half-day assessment centre is comprised of:

  • an interview with our Human Capital representative and a Line of Service manager; and
  • a group assessment.

Step 4 – Partner Meeting

A brief meeting with one of our Partners.

Step 5 – Offer 

Congratulations, you've made it through! Now the choice is yours!

Have any questions? Browse through our FAQ.

Q1. What are the key dates?

Applications are now open for our Graduate Recruitment Programme. Connect with us on Facebook and Linkedin channels for updates.

Q2. Which business area we’re recruiting graduates for?

We have opportunities in our Assurance, Advisory and Tax Lines of Services. For more information about our services, please click here

Q3. What is the selection process?

PwC adopts a variety of assessment procedures from online ability tests, behavioural-based interviews, case studies to assessment centres. The type of assessment procedure will depend on the business unit applied to.

Q4. Can I email my CV/resume directly to the Human Capital Team?

To be considered for a role, you will need to apply by filling in our Recruitment form which can be found on our Graduate Recruitment page.

Q5. Does PwC hire students with specialisations other than Accounting?

Absolutely! From Engineering, Mathematics and IT to many others – we recognise that in today’s fast changing and dynamic world, we need a diverse workforce with varying skill sets and backgrounds to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Q6. What attributes is PwC looking for?

At PwC, the PwC Professional is our global framework for defining leadership at all levels. Throughout the recruitment process, candidates will be assessed based on the five PwC Professional attributes:

Attributes Examples
Whole Leadership Do you lead others to be the best they can be, whether you’re part of a team or leading one?

Do you act with integrity and uphold professional standards at all times?
Global Acumen Do you consider a broad range of perspectives in your thinking?

Do you embrace and see opportunity in change?

Can you bring fresh insights to our clients and PwC?
Business Acumen Do you keep up-to-date with business and industry trends?

Do you consider all facts and think broadly about data when making recommendations?
Technical Capabilities Do you maintain professional standards and always produce high quality work?

Do you build and maintain your technical expertise and knowledge?

Do you share your knowledge to deliver insights to others?
Relationships Do you communicate with confidence?

Are you passionate about providing exceptional services?

Q7. When will I be notified if I am shortlisted for the Graduate Recruitment Programme?

Shortlisted candidates will be notified 1-2 weeks following the application. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Q8. Is there an alternative if I am not in Mauritius for the face-to-face interview?

Depending on circumstance, we may be able to organise a video interview so please let us know in advance if you are unable to physically attend the interview.

Q9. What are the job benefits like?

Employees get to enjoy a number benefits, including competitive rewards and compensation, sponsorship of professional qualifications, ongoing career support and development, cross-Line of Service or overseas secondment opportunities and involvement in various corporate responsibility activities.

Q10. Who should I contact for any queries/additional information?

Please use the ‘Contact Us’ section at the end of this page, and a member of our Human Capital Team will reach out to you.


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