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Tax Technology

Tax functions continue to be in the spotlight; however, they are no more designed for the regulatory, data, people and process demands of tomorrow.

PwC brings to you the latest technology to drive disruptive change and manage tax in a dynamic and digital world.

We are reshaping the future of tax...

... and you can be part of this journey

By aligning your tax and tax technology strategies with your commercial goals, your tax function can become a strategic business asset, adding value across your organisation.

Quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your tax process unnecessarily complex?
  • Are you struggling with your tax documentations?
  • Do you believe technology can increase your organisation’s efficiency?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, talk to us.

The digital transformation is here and is a major concern for companies in Mauritius and in the world; most are yet to make strategic and appropriate investments in these areas. 

Successful companies we serve are reviewing the way they operate and are embarking in a digital transformation journey that will position them as serious competitors in their respective niche. In doing so, they are looking for the efficient technology tools to optimise operation and becoming sustainable by reducing cost.

We help companies reimagine their tax functions with the latest tax technology and a high-end use of business-transforming analytics by meeting the challenges of complex multi-tax reporting and compliance obligations. PwC Mauritius is already taking advantage of opportunities presented by a technology and data-enabled world.

Be part of the journey!

Current solution

Current solution: experTaxTM

PwC Mauritius introduces its latest tax software, experTaxTM

experTaxTM is a software developed to make your tax activities simpler and help you overcome the challenges. Here's why we think it can streamline your tax practice.

experTaxTM :

  1. Can replicate the financial statements, with transparent and clear cross referencing.
  2. It has automatic calculations.
  3. It can automatically generate your tax return in the Mauritius Network Services website, through secured web services.
  4. It has in-built tax principles acceptable to the tax authorities.


How will new technologies impact your company in 2018?

The world as we know it today is in a fast pace towards digital transformation. More businesses are focusing on optimising their operations and most importantly empowering their employees to become tech-savvy.

In the age of big data, Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses require professional support to ensure that this change happens in the smoothest way possible. 

While industries are booming, it is possible to make predictions about existing trends, then share key implications for business, government, and society. 

Whether it is The Future of Tax or 2018 AI Predictions, we've put our efforts in providing substantial support to organisations. 

Is your company ready for the Tax transformation?

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Sufyaan Dosemahamed
Tax Technology Manager

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Anthony Leung Shing 
Country Senior Partner & Tax Leader, PwC Mauritius 
Tel: +230 404 5071 

Dheerend Puholoo 
Partner, PwC Mauritius 
Tel: +230 404 5079 

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Anthony Leung Shing, ACA, CTA

Anthony Leung Shing, ACA, CTA

Country Senior Partner, PwC Mauritius

Tel: +230 404 5071

Dheerend Puholoo

Dheerend Puholoo

Tax Leader, PwC Mauritius

Tel: +230 404 5079

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