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Paying Taxes 2016

Paying Taxes is a joint report by PwC and the World Bank Group. Now in its tenth edition it continues to be a unique study which investigates and compares tax regimes across 189 economies, ranking them according to the relative ease of paying taxes. Find out more.


Corporate Reporting

Building and maintaining trust has never been more important and more challenging. How business operates and what drives success is being transformed. At the same time, what stakeholders and society expect from business is already changing. This is having an inevitable impact on what information management needs to manage the business and what they need to communicate externally. PwC's corporate reporting team is helping to influence and shape the reporting agenda to respond to these dynamics.

Corporate Reporting Awards 2016

Calling for annual reports

PwC invites all companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, as well as Public Interest Entities (PIEs) and non-listed state-owned enterprises and parastatals, to submit their annual reports for the next PwC Corporate Reporting Awards. Find out more.

World Watch

Global magazine to help you keep up-to-date with today's hot topics in g0vernance, financial reporting, broader reporting, sustainability and assurance.

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National Budget

All you need to know about the Budget

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Global Career

Is a global career high on your agenda?

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PwC Mauritius Real Estate Practice

We provide a wide range of value adding consultancy and real estate services spanning across commercial, industrial, retail, land subdivisions and residential asset classes, tourism and other specialised property. Find out more.

Effectively tackle cyber security risks. Find out more.

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We know that value goes beyond a single engagement or a single result. Value is defined by a relationship — one that is born of an intelligent, engaged, collaborative process. With our African network, our people and experience, we’re ready to help you achieve that value wherever you do business.

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PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, now in its eighteenth year, aims to inform and stimulate the debate on how businesses are facing today’s challenges. Over the years, thousands of CEOs around the world have taken the time to share their views with us. Find out more

In our Global Annual Review, we look at issues that impact our stakeholders around the world, and we examine our performance, our key network policies and standards, and our work in the global community during FY 2015.

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Five global megatrends continue to advance. Find out more.