Global Telecom and Entertainment & Media Outlook 2023–2027

Five-year projections of consumer and advertiser spending data for both the telecom and entertainment and media (E&M) industries

Long exposure, drone shot of cars moving in different directions at night, with triangle graphics on top
Long exposure, drone shot of cars moving in different directions at night, with triangle graphics on top
Long exposure, drone shot of cars moving in different directions at night, with triangle graphics on top

Introducing the Global Telecom Outlook

PwC’s inaugural Global Telecom Outlook provides vital data and thinking to illuminate the strategic paths companies should consider taking in order to sustain outcomes and growth in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Our findings and analysis explore three key domains: consumer offerings, business services and the evolution of networks to meet customers’ changing needs.

Read the Global Telecom Outlook Perspectives report

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Global Entertainment & Media Outlook

Resetting expectations, refocusing inward and recharging growth

In the midst of continued change and disruption in 2022, the global entertainment and media (E&M) industry reassessed its strategies, refocused on core operations and revised some key assumptions. Industry players are doing so by tapping into the many geographical and sectoral growth hotspots and by harnessing emerging technology. 

Our 24th annual Global Entertainment & Media Outlook offers an in-depth look at how reset expectations and recharged growth will affect 13 E&M segments across 53 countries and territories over the next five years. Help shape your strategies by exploring our findings, which uncover the latest trends, key perspectives and insights into the E&M market.

Read the Entertainment & Media Outlook Perspectives report

Discover the Outlook data tool

Understanding where consumers and advertisers are spending money in the E&M and telecom industries can help inform important business decisions.

PwC’s Global Outlook provides a single comparable source of consumer and advertiser spending data and analysis. Updated annually, the intuitive online tool allows you to easily browse, compare and contrast spending and growth rates in both E&M and telecom.

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Uncover key Outlook data insights in virtual reality

Interact with data and unlock key insights from this year’s Entertainment & Media Outlook in a whole new way. Embark on an immersive journey through three exciting missions, each corresponding to a key market trend.

Find out how you can explore entertainment and media revenue growth around the world through virtual travel by requesting a demo via the contact form at the bottom of our PwC at Cannes page.

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New this year

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