Tax Advisory

Our specialist tax advisors can assist you in planning and structuring your tax affairs. 

- Proper tax advice contributes to reduce tax costs;

- Frequent legislative changes make it challenging to have a constant and informed overview.

We can bring to you practical, innovative tax and business solutions across a diverse range of industries.

We also provide services through our Seychelles Desk, India Desk and Immigration team.

Our Tax Advisory Services

Our advice covers all aspects of Mauritian direct and indirect taxation, with a focus on tax efficient repatriation strategies, exit options, and optimum post deal position.

Transfer Pricing services

With the implementation of the BEPS Action Plan and more countries joining the Inclusive Framework, companies are, more than ever, faced with increased scrutiny from tax authorities over their transfer pricing policies. To ensure compliance with international standards especially with the exchange of information across jurisdictions and the obligations to submit country by country reports, Multinationals must ensure that the pricing of their cross-border intercompany arrangements and business structures are fair and reasonable. 

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Why do you need it?

  • To understand the changes in the international tax landscape following the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiatives;

  • To minimise your tax burden by identifying significant tax risks; and

  • To meet compliance obligations.

How we can help?

  • We can help you improve your company’s tax profile by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by tax incentive legislation;

  • We can devise effective and tax-efficient strategies for domestic and international investments, both pre and post-transaction;

  • We can provide periodic updates on international tax developments that may affect your business; and

  • We can advise on tax structuring for domestic and international transactions including analysis of double taxation treaties.

Why do you need it?

  • Do you want to improve control of your compliance issues, risks and opportunities?
  • You have limited in-house tax/compliance resource, which you'd like to free up to focus on high value-added activity;

  • You have a complex, multi-jurisdictional compliance requirement;

  • Do you need to comply with an increasing regulatory burden?

  • Would you like advice on tax issues arising from your business model?

How we can help

  • We've assisted some of the largest companies in Mauritius in understanding the tax consequences of potential business decisions, and provided guidance as to the best way for them to restructure, amongst other functions. 
  • We can assist you in managing tax risks and costs efficiently.

  • We advise you on your tax concerns arising from your business transactions.
  • We bring to you our specialist skills sets and solutions tailored to your needs.


Why do you need it?

  • The number of VAT audits from the tax authority has significantly increased over the recent years, and it is vital that companies comply with the VAT legislations when charging or claiming VAT;

  • VAT is a difficult issue for many entities, especially when they operate internationally. We can help you understand domestic and foreign VAT legislations, and thus find your optimum VAT solutions.

How we can help

  • We'll first analyse your business context and identify where potential problems exist. This analysis will also determine any operational risks, and our VAT control system will ensure that you are well prepared for any possible tax audit.
  • We provide VAT compliance support and perform VAT health checks.
  • We advise on VAT implications of transactions, mergers, takeovers and restructuring.

  • We can help you maximise cash flow advantage.

  • We can maximise commercial marketing opportunities through efficient VAT planning.

Why do you need it?

  • To be compliant and avoid unpleasant tax surprises;

  • To optimise your personal tax situation, save money, protect and enhance your wealth;

  • You may be a senior executive, a high net worth individual or the owner of a private business with investment assets: make the right choice when it comes to an investment strategy:

  • You may be starting to think about safeguarding your family’s future, or simply seeking a new perspective and fresh advice.


How we can help

Regardless of your life stage, our integrated approach to planning will help you take charge of your tax matters, including:

  • Local and international personal tax planning;

  • Tax-effective remuneration and benefit structuring (including pensions, company car policy, stock-related compensation and tax deductible expenses policies);

  • Tax-effective remuneration structuring for international employees (salary splits, international employment companies, etc.);

  • Personal tax compliance services – personal income tax returns.

  • Representation before the tax authorities.

We also provide services through our Seychelles Desk, India Desk and Immigration team.

Are you looking to establish a business in Seychelles?

Does your organisation have tax efficient procedures in place for moving money in and out of Seychelles?

1. Are you looking to establish a business in Seychelles?

2. Are you fully aware of the tax exposures of your Seychellois organisation?

3. Are you up-to-date with the most current Seychellois tax legislation and tax rulings?

4. Are you aware of Seychelles VAT procedures and your organisation’s VAT exposure in Seychelles?

5. Are you in a tax dispute with the Seychellois tax authorities?


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How we can help

PwC Mauritius is the designated office for Seychelles Tax. We make regular visits to the archipelago and stay abreast of relevant law changes to provide your organisation with up-to-date tax services and advice.

  • We provide tax advice on entry and exit options and tax efficient repatriation strategies; and

  • Tax efficient strategies for domestic and international investments by considering the vast treaty network that Seychelles has with other countries.

About the India Desk in Mauritius

We provide a comprehensive range of cross-border advisory, assurance and tax solutions in respect of investments into and out of India using the Mauritius International Financial Centre.

Our team of trusted business advisors work closely with colleagues from the PwC network to help clients address important issues facing their businesses and meeting their unique needs.

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Whether it's for lifestyle or professional reasons, global mobility is on the rise. Mauritius rides the global wave!

Our team of immigration specialists can assist you in the application process and in dealing with regulatory issues.

  1. Are you well informed on visa type and which permit you require to be legally present in Mauritius?
  2. Are you looking to immigrate to Mauritius or hold an occupation permit as investor?
  3. Do you fully understand the process to bring foreign staff into Mauritius?
  4. Is the documentation of all your foreign employees in order?
  5. Would you wish to have a smooth processing of your application and avoid the hassle of personally dealing with immigration authorities?

What makes us different?

  1. We have the experience and competency to help companies like yours address your cross-border needs;
  2. Our far-reaching global presence, comprehensive approach, up-to-date knowledge of domestic and international tax laws and practices allows us to craft a customised service that meets your business needs;
  3. We have a pool of experienced MQA qualified tax trainers who successfully deliver tax training through our public programmes, and through individual tailor-made courses within a wide range of industries. 

See more about our upcoming trainings and workshops, and talk to us for a tailor-made programme.

Our success stories

  • We successfully delivered tax trainings to one of the largest hospitality group in Mauritius. This tailor-made training has enabled the accounting teams to better understand the tax landscape in Mauritius and to deal with the tax matters of the group.
  • We advised on several key transactions in the financial services industry, including the acquisition of leading management companies in Mauritius by overseas shareholders.


"The contribution from PwC on the tax due diligence was vital in securing the deal on the acquisition of a leading management company in Mauritius."

CEO, Financial Services firm (Buyer)

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