National Budget 2024 - 2025

Key insights, sector reviews and a summary of tax measures.

Dr The Honourable Renganaden Padayachy, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development presented the National Budget 2024 - 2025 on Friday 07 June 2024. 

PwC's panel of specialists offers insightful perspectives on the announced measures and their potential implications. Explore the challenges and opportunities presented and gain a deeper understanding of their impact on the economy, society, and individuals.

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Our Opinion

By Anthony Leung Shing, Country Senior Partner

The Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development presented the last Budget of the current term. Many expected a budget focused on continuity, amidst concerns that populist measures might overshadow sound economic policies with elections on the horizon...

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tax perspective

Tax Perspective

By Dheerend Puholoo, Tax Leader

With a recorded growth rate of 4.4% in 2023, the Minister is right to focus on the Financial Services sector, which has in recent years gone through numerous turmoils...

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Public finance

Public Finance

In this section we review the key performance indicators of the Mauritian economy., such as budget deficit, public debt, revenue & expenditure, GDP & trade balance, and Public Sector Investment Programme.

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budget sustainability


By Julien Tyack, Partner and Sustainability Leader

The Budget introduces good sustainability initiatives, notably emphasising the need to mobilise Rs300bn towards climate adaptation and mitigation...

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tax perspective

Sector Review

By a panel of PwC specialists composed of Rajeev Basgeet, John Li, Olivier Rey, Jean-Pierre Young and Olivier Ma.

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Taxation section


By our Tax Team

The tax exemption for virtual assets and virtual tokens can be a game changer to attract investment opportunities through Mauritius...

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Legal Perspective

By Ashveen Gopee, Partner and Managing DIrector of PwC Legal (Mauritius) Ltd

Cautious optimism amidst missed opportunities within the Mauritius financial services sector.

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tax perspective

Finance Bill

Prepared by PwC Mauritius in collaboration with PwC Legal (Mauritius) Ltd.

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Our authors

National Budget 2024 - 2025: Our authors

Discover our authors responsible for the compilation of perspectives and opinions showcased in the contents of the PwC Budget Brief 2024 - 2025. They offered invaluable insights and expertise regarding the anticipated effects of the proposed measures on the Mauritian economy and diverse sectors.

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