National Budget 2023 - 2024

Key insights, sector reviews and a summary of tax measures.


Dr The Honourable Renganaden Padayachy, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development presented the National Budget 2023 - 2024 on Friday 02 June 2023. PwC's panel of specialists provide their observations on some of the measures announced and their potential impact. Discover challenges and opportunities and what it means for our economy, society and you.

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Anthony Leung Shing, Country Senior Partner of PwC Mauritius

Our Opinion

The global economy remains fragile, although the outlook today is slightly more optimistic on the back of improved confidence, with some sectors surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

By Anthony Leung Shing, Country Senior Partner

Our Opinion

Tax Perspective

Towards restoring a competitive environment

The 2023-2024 budgetary measures aim at making Mauritius an even more competitive and attractive destination to work, together with the ambition to attract investments and strengthen the economy. Taxation is one of the premise to attain this aim.

By Dheerend Puholoo, Tax Leader

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Anthony Leung Shing shares the opinion of PwC

Public Finance

We analysed some key performance indicators such budget deficit, government revenue, debt-to-GDP, and others, so as to give an overview of the economic situation

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Sustainability again misses the centre stage

This Budget, like in previous years, is only skimming the surface of sustainability. The initiatives being proposed are trying to respond to our country’s climate commitment under the UN Paris Agreement, but remain fragmented.

By Julien Tyack, Partner and Sustainability Leader

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Anthony Leung Shing shares the opinion of PwC

Sector Review

We reviewed the main measures announced across some key sectors of the Mauritian economy, including Financial Services, Hospitality, Agri-business, amongst others.

By a panel of PwC specialists composed of Rajeev Basgeet, John Li, Olivier Rey, Jean-Pierre Young and Olivier Ma.

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This section provides a summary of the tax measures announced, classified by the differents types of taxation.

By our Tax team.

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Finance act

Finance Act 2023

Towards a more equitable tax system

Finance Act 2023

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