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Our Learning & Development philosophy

At PwC, we have a strong belief that continuous learning is crucial for, not only career growth, but also for your organisation to stand out. 

Given the speed at which the business environment is changing, individuals and businesses who invest in knowledge and skills, will be more ready for the disruptive future.

PwC Mauritius is home to individuals with diverse professional skillsets. Our trainers have years of practitioner experience and a clear understanding of the learning & development needs of various roles across different industries. 


The PwC Training Experience

We focus on more than just a theoretical approach, but also on scenario based activities during our workshops. Instead of traditional classroom style courses, we run interactive sessions that encourage participation of attendees. In all our workshops, we develop tailored materials such as software, spreadsheets, documents, databases and other electronic tools to assist us. 

Courses that we open to the public are MQA approved, and this allows you to benefit from HRDC refunds, subject to conditions as imposed by the authorities being met. 

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Our attendees say

"It was enriching, detailed and addressed most of my questions. I like the fact that Mastering Taxation is not just a classroom style training, but also a chance to interact with Tax professionals"

- Finance Manager, major local Bank

Participant to 1st edition of Mastering Taxation

"Very helpful, gave ideas about how to tackle client's concern and how to compute income tax properly"

- Accountant, Insurance Company

Participant to 3rd edition of Mastering Taxation

"Very relevant to my day to day work. I hope to attend other sessions as interesting as this one"

- Tax Manager, Global Business company

Participant to 2nd edition of Mastering Taxation

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