Mastering Taxation 2020

5th Edition

With a dynamic local jurisdiction, mastering taxation is crucial

The Minister of Finance has presented the National Budget on Thursday 04 June 2020, in one of the toughest economic times in our history. The stakes are high as the future of our economy remains frail amidst a global recession and a predicted local contraction of around 11%.

Important notice

Due to the current sanitary measures enforced by the local authorities, Mastering Taxation sessions previously scheduled at the PwC Centre, are postponed. We are bringing a special Mastering Taxation online and adapted to the latest changes brought recently by the Covid-19 Act and Budget 2020-21. Click on the button below to read more on the online session.

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Move your knowledge and skills to another dimension. The Mastering Taxation series provides learning that can be applied in practice.

1000+ attendees
Since 2013, we delivered Mastering Taxation sessions
to more than 1000 attendees.

A diverse audience
Mastering Taxation had attendees from junior to management positions from various industry sectors. 

A cursus over 4 months
The 5th edition of Mastering Taxation is happening over a period of 4 months with half-day sessions. 

Mastering Taxation Webinar

Several tax incentives have been announced to help companies in this unprecedented pandemic period such as double deductions on capital acquisitions and tax holidays. The National Budget also brings clarity in terms of the partial exemption regime. On the other hand, the government has introduced new taxes in the form of levy on companies or groups of companies having gross income exceeding MUR500m in addition to the COVID-19 levy already introduced in the COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act. Alternative Minimum Tax has also been re-introduced.

Mauritius has been again targeted by the European Union. To protect the global business sector, the government has committed to complete the remaining 5 recommendations under the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Action Plan by September 2020. An Anti Money Laundering legislation will also be introduced to complement the existing legislative framework in Mauritius. 

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to understand the proposed changes brought by the National Budget 2020-21 and the new measures introduced in the COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act. As such, they will be in a better position to take full advantage of the new provisions together with assessing the impact of the taxes introduced.

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The Mastering Taxation experience

"Although it's a complex subject, the facilitators have shown so much professionalism and mastery that every piece of the tax puzzle came together easily"

Participant to 4th edition of Mastering Taxation

"Simple but effectively communicated the relevant reforms of the Global Business sector"

Tax Manager, Global Business company Participant to 4th edition of Mastering Taxation

"This is my 4th session and I have been impressed by the level of this training. It is great having these kind of knowledge transfer initiatives"

Participant to 4th edition of Mastering Taxation

Mastering Taxation sessions at the PwC Centre postponed

With the sanitary measures announced by the Government, we have postponed the physical session of Mastering Taxation. 

Here's what you need to know about the previous sessions. 

Workshop Details

Date Will be confirmed in July 2020
Time 8.30am - 12pm
Venue Training Theatre, PwC Centre, Avenue Telfair, Moka (See map)




Single course fee per participant
Rs 5,000 

MQA Approved - 3.5 CPD Hours per session


For more details, please contact

Ms. Kiara Aliar 🕿 404 5482 or 📧

Ms. Melissa Madanamoothoo 🕿 404 5270 or 📧

Ms. Teena Nawjee 🕿 404 5361 or 📧

The Presenters

Dheerend Puholoo - PwC Mauritius

Dheerend Puholoo 


Dheerend joined PwC in 2008. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of taxation and advises large MNEs on tax restructurings both on the domestic and international fronts. Dheerend is a recognised tax litigation expert, with landmark wins at the level of the Assessment Review Committee, Supreme Court and Privy Council. He also influences tax policy changes through his active involvement in technical committees. He writes articles for business magazines and is a frequent speaker on tax forums.
Dheerend also worked at the Mauritius Revenue Authority for over 19 years where he occupied various roles, including Assistant Commissioner before being promoted to Head of Section of the Large Taxpayers Department.



Feroz Hematally - PwC Mauritius

Feroz Hematally 

Senior Manager

Feroz joined PwC in 2012 after spending 13 years in the UK, where he worked both in the Big 4 and in industry for a FTSE 100 group. He is well versed on tax issues encountered by companies on a day to day basis and has a broad exposure in international tax. At PwC, Feroz has led several transactions including tax due diligence and restructuring projects for both domestic and multinational companies.

Feroz regularly provides in-house tax technical training to a wide range of clients.


Anshee Sunnassee - PwC Mauritius

Anshee Sunnassee 


Anshee has been with PwC for the last 10 years. She advises on a variety of assignments ranging from tax implications on group restructuring to specialised due diligence work. Anshee manages a portfolio of high net worth individuals, domestic and Global Business companies, to whom she provides both tax advisory and compliance services.

Anshee has recently been on secondment at the Washington office of PwC US, advising law firms and private companies on tax and regulatory matters



Shafeenaz Molotoo 


Shafeenaz joined PwC 12 years ago as part of the first Graduate Scheme in Tax. Besides providing advisory and compliance services to a broad range of clients, Shafeenaz specialises in providing assistance to clients on tax investigations. She leads litigation cases at the Objection Department of the MRA and Assessment Review Committee.

Shafeenaz drives the Seychelles tax desk. She also leads the Tax Learning & Development programme for PwC Mauritius, which includes both staff and client tax technical training, and is working closely with PwC South Africa to launch our client e-learning platform.


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Anthony Leung Shing

Anthony Leung Shing

Country Senior Partner, Tax Leader, PwC Mauritius

Tel: +230 404 5071

Dheerend Puholoo

Dheerend Puholoo

Tax Partner, PwC Mauritius

Tel: +230 404 5079

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