COVID-19 : Prepare, Respond, and Emerge

COVID-19 presents challenges to people and organisations around the globe, including Mauritius. How to deal with the “new normal.”

At a cross-road between safety and business continuity.

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the global response continues to evolve, companies across all industries are facing several potentially significant challenges to which they need to respond rapidly.

As the international response continues, how can you prepare your organisation and respond? Tapping into the expertise and guidance of the wider PwC network, we've collated some useful information in support of your efforts to navigate these testing times.

Recently released by the Government, the COVID-19 and Quarantine bills are set to bring changes to several Acts. Download our summary of the measures and our views on them

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Times of uncertainty: From surviving to thriving...

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way organisations operate. At PwC Mauritius, we have identified five key areas of focus for businesses to enhance their productivity or implement effective ways of re-organising their functions.

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PwC’s COVID-19 Navigator

Assess the potential impact to your business and gauge your readiness to respond

PwC’s team of specialists collaborated to create a digital assessment to help you understand the potential impact to your business and gauge your readiness to respond.

How it works

The digital tool contains 3 sections of questions that will help you understand where your company stands as you respond to COVID-19 in the areas of: crisis management and response; workforce; operations and supply chain; finance and liquidity; tax and trade; and strategy and brand.

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