Times of uncertainty: From surviving to thriving...


As business becomes more complex, virtual and interdependent,
re-building and sustaining a resilient organisation is a commercial imperative. In a post COVID-19 environment, what organisations do next will matter most.

Adapting to radical changes requires a broader approach than traditional business continuity planning or disaster recovery. This spreads through all areas of the business across financial and non-financial resilience, technology, and processes; all underpinned by strategy and an adaptive culture. 

At PwC Mauritius, we have identified five key areas of focus for businesses to enhance their productivity or implement effective ways of re-organising their functions.

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Diagnostic Review

We can assess both the financial and non-financial impact of COVID-19, spot red flags, and help restructure your business. 

A detailed diagnostic review of financial function and benchmarking of financial processes can help businesses create value on a daily basis. 

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Rajeev  Basgeet

Rajeev Basgeet | BRS & Forensics

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Tax Function Effectiveness

We can help create, protect and optimise value by taking advantage of various support schemes introduced post COVID-19.

Given the recent fiscal regime overhaul, it is time to rethink your tax structure and make sure that you are benifiting from the right efficiencies in tax planning.

An effective tax function also helps reduce risk and give businesses a greater competitive edge.

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Dheerend Puholoo

Dheerend Puholoo | Tax Leader

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Securing Remote Working

The COVID-19 outbreak has made businesses vulnerable to cyber risks due to new working habits. In a post-COVID era, can your business operate seamlessly from any location while ensuring maximum data privacy

We are seeing both the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks increasing and cybersecurity good practices may fall by the wayside as organisations become more technology dependent than ever. 

We can help you build resilience with solutions that we can adapt to the requirements and size of your business. 

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Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma | Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital

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Operational Excellence

More than ever, operational excellence has become crucial for businesses to unlock full business value by understanding what customers want and driving internal efficiencies to meet those expectations.

This requires technology and innovation to steadfast businesses on their transformational journey in a post-COVID era. 

We can deploy pioneering technologies like AI/Robotics and cloud to streamline your processes and save operational costs.

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Jean-Pierre Young

Jean-Pierre Young | Advisory Leader

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Cash Flow Forecasting

With COVID-19, your cash flow, debts, customer flow and supply chains will be impacted and finance teams will face increased pressure from internal and external stakeholders to re-forecast cash flows and perform scenario analysis. 

We can help you re-forecast in the face of uncertainty, perform scenario analysis and assess funding needs.

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Olivier Ma

Olivier Ma | Deals - Transactions

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