Financial Decisions and Analysis

In a world driven by data and analytics, we help you navigate blurry deals avenues using our deep analytics expertise. From strategy to advanced business planning, we help you make decisions that matters.

Our team's industry experience, paired with a commercial mind-set and strong technical skills, can facilitate rapid, pragmatic and clear outcomes for our clients.

Our analytical toolkit combined with PwC’s global modelling standards, our industry expertise and our ability to reach out to PwC’s Global Network, enables us to cater for the needs of financial professionals both in Mauritius and in Africa.

Strategy and Business Planning

Providing penetrative, timely and easy to use management reporting

A proper understanding of financial analysis is essential to making strategic decisions to help your organisation. With huge amount of data, proper analysis is required for critical and value-adding activities. 

We provide a tailored support through quantitative and qualitative data to increase the accuracy of decision making through a robust model for weighing evidences.

  • You need to gain insights into the business through granular analysis of your key business metrics;
  • You need to improve/monitor key business metrics such as cash and working capital requirements;
  • You need to develop strategic plans and understand why budgets are not being met.; and 
  • You need a detailed and flexible forecast model incorporating historical operational and financial metrics, for a valuation exercise and sensitivity analysis.
  • Our team can provide bespoke analytics for investment appraisal;
  • Our teams can guide you in making profitable pricing decisions based on likely customer and competitor behaviour, impact on costs, margins and volume; and
  • We can help you increase future profitability by improving visibility of performance of your different business units.
  • PwC Mauritius is part of the PwC Global Modelling Group and has contributed to developing to the PwC Global Modelling Standards;
  • We have dedicated modelling experts who can draw upon their vast experience to bring to life your business metrics.

Feasibility Studies

Our models are the backbone of any feasibility studies carried out by our clients. We can help you focus the efforts of the promoter and quickly identify the drivers of the revenues and costs of the project, by, for example:

  • Benchmarking your assumptions;
  • Modelling the financial performance and position of the project;
  • Identifying the financing needs of the project;
  • Accurately estimating the project IRR and Equity IRR; and
  • Performing scenario analysis.
  • You are at the initial stage of a project and require assistance to analyse its financial merits; or
  • You are considering making changes to your existing and ongoing projects and want to measure the financial impact of the changes.
  • Our team can build a detailed financial model with bespoke analytics to understand the project revenue and costs;
  • We can build detailed models to estimate Equity IRRs for the promoter and other equity partners under a variety of scenarios.
  • Our financial models can provide guidance to management in their decision making given the detailed modelling and forecasting rigour we apply to financial models;
  • We also build dynamic and user-friendly dashboards in our financial models to summarise the project KPIs and outcomes of the different scenarios, which are tailored to your needs; and
  • We've conducted several feasibility studies for hospitality projects as well as for a number of smart cities in Mauritius.  

Model Audit & Validation

Assessing best practice and complexity

Models that don't meet generally accepted modelling best practice are significantly more likely to contain errors.

  • You have prepared or a third party has provided you with a financial model and you want to critically assess whether you can rely on it.
  • We assess the complexity and quality of the financial models to provide an overview of model risk, and if it is fit for purpose; and
  • We can help you rebuild the model to correct issues identified through our audit.
  • Our software can enable us to quickly and effectively highlight key issues and inconsistencies in your models;
  • Dedicated and expert team with years of modelling experience.

Model Design - Building confidence for all parties

We build robust and reliable models using the core principles of our Modelling Best Practices which have been developed by the Global PwC Modelling Group.

We are a member of the Global PwC Modelling Group and have contributed actively to the development and implementation of these standards.

You need a financial model to

  1. Monitor and forecast your business performance effectively;

  2. Assess the impact of a disposal or an acquisition;

  3. Raise funding from your bank or equity partners; and

  4. Review your working capital requirements.

The consistent use of our Modelling Standards helps to:

  • Improve clarity and transparency for buy-side investors and finance providers;
  • Add credibility to the business growth story for sellers;
  • Support creditor and bank negotiations with scenario and sensitivity analysis and returns evaluation; and
  • Review deal model structure and integrity to increase certainty.
  • Charting and logical diagrams are used to help demystify the model, test for errors and provide clarity on how the model functions;
  • Dedicated and expert team with years of modelling experience. 

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