Tackling cyber security risks effectively

Cyber Security

Protecting intellectual property, sensitive customer information, and other business-critical information requires a comprehensive security strategy that closely aligns with business objectives without being burdensome.

Our Cyber Security services help clients solve their complex security, privacy and risk issues through five key capabilities: Strategy & Governance, IT Risk, Cybercrime & Breach Response, Business Continuity Management and Data Centre Advisory.

Your Challenges and Concerns

  • Does your strategy incorporate information security? Are the measures adequate to comply with legal requirements and standards?
  • Are your systems secure from both internal and external threats? Are you in compliance with good practices? What would be the impact of a security breach?
  • Do you suspect a fraud? Do you want to identify the suspects and gather forensics evidences? Do you want to implement preventive measures to minimise the risk of fraud and enable early detection?
  • Can your business resist major turbulences? Can you continue operations if your primary location is inaccessible for an extended period?  

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How PwC can help

  • Information Security Strategy & Governance: One wrong decision or negligence on the technology front can result in a lot of wasted money. We help our clients complement their IT strategy through a tailor-made Information Security Roadmap based on the strategy and needs of the client.
    Our services include:
    • Information Security Management
    • Information Security survey and benchmarking
    • Security metrics and Management reporting design
  • IT Risk: Vulnerable systems result in a vulnerable organisation. We perform IT security assessments covering different technical and organisational domains and provide advice on the areas of improvements. Our service include:
    • Information risk assessment services
    • Compliance review and best practices gap analysis (ISO27001/2, PCI DSS etc.)
    • Vulnerability scanning, External and Internal penetration testing
    • Security architecture design and implementation
    • Awareness raising and training
  • Cyber Crime and Breach Response: We assist organisations with the definition of responsibilities and the detection and handling of criminal offences. We perform forensic investigation like data analysis and electronic discovery to assist in detecting frauds and building up the case file. Our service include:
    • Digital Forensic investigation
    • Cyber crime response services
  • Business Continuity Management: What took years to build can be destroyed in one click. We assist organisations in identifying their critical assets and processes and develop resiliency plans to protect them from major incidents. Our services include:
    • Systems availability and resilience review (preventive measures)
    • Disaster recovery plan development, review or testing
    • Business continuity plan development, review or testing
    • Crisis simulations
  • Data Center Advisory: We assist our clients by improving their data center operations, processes and facilities to increase efficiencies and support innovation. We optimise our clients’ data center and infrastructure through consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, and other computing technologies.  Our services include:
    • Data Center Strategy, Planning and Design
    • Data Center vendor evaluation and selection
    • Server Consolidation & Migration

We also provide customised Security as a Service (SECaaS) whereby we take over, or advise on, the information security function for an organisation. The services we provide encompass all the above domains. 

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Business Benefits

With our solutions, you will be able to:

  • Obtain “cut to fit” (not “forced to fit”) security strategy, governance models and actionable plans  
  • Understand what technology risks your organisation faces and remediation steps to mitigate the gaps
  • Compliance with international standards and good practices
  • Respond to and handle e-discovery requests and information breaches
  • Ensure your organisation has sufficient resilience and continuity processes in place to survive a major incident or disaster.

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