She is a deal-maker

Annemieke Hoekstra

Deals Partner,
PwC Netherlands

Annemieke Hoekstra is a trail blazer. 

She is the first female Deals Partner in PwC Netherlands and attributes her success to simply being herself. Working in Delivering Deal Value (M&A Integration), she shares her tips for females considering a career in Deals and gives an insight into life and work as a Deals Partner.



What has been the highlight of your career in Deals with PwC?

Becoming the first female Deals Partner in PwC Netherlands was a big accomplishment! Even more so was the response I received from my female colleagues. I had women coming up to me saying that I was a role model and that I showed them you can be “yourself” without sacrificing any aspect of yourself to become partner. I never realised that people would look at me like that.

What do you attribute your success to?

I would attribute it to who I am as a person. I’ve always stayed true to myself, and always said that when the day comes that I feel I need to become someone else, I would leave. That day has not come. Personally, I like the combination of content and process and I believe that is one of the things that makes me unique - too often people are good in one or the other, but not in both. I’ve also been told my relationship building skills, both with clients and teams, also make me stand out.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given about developing your career?

Just go for it and don’t be shy. Too often women are too modest about what they can do and contribute, especially when compared to their male colleagues.

What are the top three things you would say to women considering a career in PwC Deals?

PwC Deals is an amazing environment where you can really make an impact and learn that the old stigmas are no longer true - you can really be yourself while growing your career.

1. PwC Deals is fast paced, challenging and focuses on topics that really matter and make an impact in the world around us.

2. Make a personal difference through your unique skill sets and perspectives; we are a diverse organisation and as a result we deliver the best quality.

3. Be yourself and take the opportunities on offer to grow.

What is the best thing about working in a profession traditionally dominated by men?

I really like the pace of what we do and we are always working on something that is high on the priority list of our clients. In an environment traditionally dominated by men you can, as a woman, make an even bigger impression by bringing in unique perspectives and tipping the scales in a certain direction.


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