She is a deal-maker

Elaine Mongan

Deals Manager,
PwC Ireland

Elaine Mongan is an Edge graduate, and she spent a year in the BRS team as part of her college degree. From this experience she knew that coming into Deals would allow her to work across the practice and that she will gain a huge wallet of experience.



Why did you pursue a career in Deals?

I was lucky enough to spend a year in the BRS team as part of my college degree. I really liked that it is a hands-on project-based business and how closely you get to work with clients and senior members of the team. I knew that coming into Deals would allow me to work across the practice and gain a huge wallet of experience. The Deals team and the firm as a whole offered a huge amount of support for exams also.​

Tell us about your role, what does it involve?

I am a manager in the BRS team in Dublin, Ireland. The team predominantly work on insolvencies such as Receiverships, Liquidations and Examinerships. We also have a team that looks at forensics, working capital as well as some team members working on site with our clients.​

What is it about the role you enjoy the most?

For me it's the people I work with, even on those busy hectic days we can always have fun. I love how diverse my role is and that no day is ever the same, especially in BRS we usually get some sort of curve ball thrown at us.​

Did you have any role models?

I am fortunate to have a few role models both in general life and career aspirations. Luckily, I don't have to look far from the Dublin office as we have some incredible women working in Deals such as Orla Fisher. Orla's work ethic and drive is immeasurable. She is extremely successful in her line of work but also incredibly generous with her time. Orla invests a huge amount of her time into looking after junior members of staff, coaching them through the early years of their career and getting to know everyone on a personal level. ​

What piece of advice would you give to female recruits considering joining a career in PwC Deals? 

To give it a chance. I think that when a soon to be graduate is looking at the different programmes available to them and sees the word 'Deals' it can be overwhelming or confusing as to what the business does. That's the beauty of the Deals practice, there are so many components to it. Every team and role is different thus the experience you can get is invaluable. With the Edge programme, graduates will get the opportunity to work across the Deals practice so you will find an area you enjoy and excel in and have some fun along the way. ​

What is the best piece of advice you have been given about developing your career?

To invest in myself and continue to invest in myself. Don't drift through your career, you are responsible for your own drive and achievements no one else is going to do it for you so go out and get it. ​

What do you attribute your success to? To being a highly driven and hardworking person. I try to follow the motto of 'if you're not getting butterflies and worried about a piece of work it's probably time to move on' I still get those butterflies. I stay true to myself and I'm a big team player which has allows me to have a great rapport with my team members and clients.​

What has been the highlight of your career in Deals with PwC?

One of the highlights of my career is being involved with the Edge programme over the last 5 years. I'm a huge advocate for the programme as I have been through it, and I don't believe any other firm offers anything like it. Not only has it provided me with the opportunity to work across the deals practice in Ireland, but I have also built my PwC network internationally, made some great friends and life-long memories. ​

What is the best thing about working in a profession traditionally dominated by men?

I find that the Deals Business in the last couple of years (in Ireland anyway) is actively trying to move away from being a male dominated profession. This creates great opportunities for women in deals to get involved in a wide range of projects all while learning from the best in the business and having a laugh along the way. ​

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