Building operational resilience with Microsoft Defender for IoT

A joint report from PwC and Microsoft

It’s not easy to monitor IoT and OT devices for threats

The convergence of IT, operational technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) creates a complex, disconnected digital ecosystem that is difficult for industrial and critical infrastructure providers to integrate and secure. That’s because most IT tools are not suitable for integration with IoT and OT environments, and many IoT devices cannot be configured for security. Learn how a new joint security offering combines PwC’s Resilience Maturity Model Framework with Microsoft Defender for IoT solution to continually monitor for OT threats in industrial and critical infrastructure networks.

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The integration of IT, IoT and OT systems signals a foundational change in the security mindset. Today, organizations are thinking beyond the traditional paradigms of detecting and responding to risk to incorporate resiliency that can help them withstand and quickly recover from a security incident.

Strong security and resilience with Microsoft Defender for IoT

Microsoft Defender for IoT and PwC's resilience framework provide asset identification, vulnerability management and threat monitoring. Additional capabilities include:

  • 24/7 threat monitoring of networks and devices
  • Identification of all devices and assets
  • Modern risk and vulnerability management
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Support for all protocols used in IoT environments
  • Zero impact on performance

How resilience can improve your security program

More than ever, forward-thinking security leaders in industrial and critical infrastructure sectors are collaborating with their business teams to strengthen threat detection and organizational resilience. Microsoft Defender for IoT combines PwC’s Resilience Maturity Model Framework with Microsoft’s technology and threat experience to help companies gain deep visibility into their networks and data. And that can help organizations quickly identify threats, avoid downtime and improve resilience.

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