Cloud Consumption and Financial Optimization (Cloud CFO)

Adopting public cloud technology is meant to be an engine of innovation that drives agility and scalability, but what’s the right way to ensure financial success? It takes a modern approach to processes, skills, architecture design and tools to become financially efficient in managing and optimizing cloud spend.

C-suite executives view the cloud as critical to their corporate strategies. Transitioning to the cloud allows for product innovation, flexibility and agility, and cost savings. Businesses want to take advantage of each of these benefits. However, companies frequently find themselves falling far short of their expectations of lower costs and higher asset optimization.

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The challenge: How to facilitate financial success in public cloud?

The responsibility for managing the financial and asset life cycle of servers, storage, networking gear, and licenses has been the burden of centralized IT and operations teams. The public cloud consumption model upends that tradition by democratizing control. The cloud’s self-service model puts control of the technology directly into the hands of cloud consumers, making legacy organizational models and their associated skillsets outdated. Instead, organizations require a new set of processes and controls to help ensure the right people have the ability to operate the right set of cloud services.

The solution: Cloud Efficiency Score

The right solution for managing and optimizing cloud spend requires a modern set of processes, skills, architecture leading practices, and tools. An organization’s maturity across these four dimensions translates into a “Cloud Efficiency Score.”

PwC has worked with organizations across industries and sizes to understand what drives higher Cloud Efficiency Scores, allowing us to create a proprietary Cloud Efficiency Scorecard to help organizations measure and track their scores.

Dimensions of Cloud Efficiency Score

How PwC can help improve your Cloud Efficiency Score

PwC’s Cloud CFO (Cloud Consumption and Financial Optimization) solution helps organizations manage and optimize their IT spend on public cloud with the new tools, processes, controls, and skills required to get the job done.

We can help you drive consumption and financial optimization through offerings such as the following:

  • Cloud Total Cost of Ownership – we provide cost analysis and comparisons on cloud vendors to offer the correct strategy and planning to move applications and workloads to the cloud
  • Cloud Optimizer – we help identify cost optimization opportunities for companies to immediately realize the monetary benefits of the cloud
  • Cloud Efficiency Office – we will help you establish a Cloud Governance Center of Excellence
  • Throughout the process, we utilize PwC’s proprietary Cloud Efficiency Scorecard to track your Cloud Efficiency Score and help you keep a strong focus on the four dimensions needed to realize the full benefits of the cloud
Improving your Cloud Efficiency Score
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