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Cross-border Tax Talks

November 30, 2021

Why International Tax? One professional's career journey

Doug McHoney (PwC's US International Tax Services Co-Leader) is joined by Ugo Alisiobi, ITS Partner, based in our New York Metro ITS practice, for Ugo’s first time in St. Louis. They discuss their paths to careers in international taxation; the struggles, joys, and rewards of being an international tax practitioner; being proactive and authentic in your career; imposter syndrome; finding - and being - a mentor; and working at PwC.


  • 2:30 - What was Ugo’s road to international tax and PwC?
  • 12:00 - What kind of professional thrives in the dynamic and complicated world of international tax?
  • 17:30 - What is it like to work in the international tax space, post-2017 tax reform (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act)?
  • 18:45 - The experience, challenges, and formative moments during Ugo’s career progression. How can someone differentiate themselves in the field?
  • 24:30 - While on the path to partnership, were there temptations to leave international tax and PwC? Why did you stay?
  • 28:49 - How has the pandemic impacted work as a partner and work as a team?
  • 32:00 - Any advice for those joining the profession?
  • 37:00 - What is your experience as a black professional in international taxation, and what advice do you have for other black professionals?

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