Cross-border Tax Talks

November 30, 2020

Extension cord: The story of tax extenders

Doug McHoney (PwC's US International Tax Services Leader) and Rohit Kumar (Co-Leader of PwC's Washington National Tax Services practice) discuss the past, present, and future of tax extenders.  Doug and Rohit discuss: Rohit's experience as Domestic Policy Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; what tax extenders are and why they exist; the importance of the ten-year congressional budget window; the political calculus involved in determining whether certain tax provisions are temporary or permanent; the background and history of the controlled foreign corporation (CFC) look-through rule; potential alternatives to the tax extender regime; and the necessity for bipartisanship due to the upcoming 'fiscal cliff' at the end of 2025, caused by the potential expiration of a multitude of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) provisions.

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