Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific December 2020 - January 2021

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February 2021


Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific seeks to capture the essence of selected issues that are of particular interest to our clients.

Based on studies as well as meetings and discussions that take place across the region with various trade and customs officials, we consolidate our findings into Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific.

The December 2020 / January 2021 issue of Trade Intelligence includes the following highlights:

  • Feature Article : FTAigue (n) - extreme tiredness resulting from too many FTAs 

Can RCEP break the trend?

  • Electronic exchange of ACDD through ASW goes live
  • UK’s bilateral FTAs with Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam enter into force (Update: SG-UK FTA entered into force on 11 February 2021)
  • China’s new licensing regime for commercial cryptography items 
  • China issues rules to curb foreign laws with extraterritorial application 
  •  India reviews customs duty exemptions and overhauls customs duty structure 
  •  RoDTEP incentive for all eligible India exporters 
  •  March deadline to dispose of all pending drawback claims in India 
  •  Indonesia expands coverage on its Voluntary Declaration and Payment Scheme 
  •  New safeguard measures on vehicles in the Philippines 
  •  Vietnam releases guidance on proof of origin under EVFTA 

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