Digital asset strategy:

Taking your digital asset vision from plan to reality

Getting started on your digital asset journey or confirming you are on the right path can be challenging. Whether you are looking to establish a target framework and build from the ground up, or to launch an initiative, we can provide you the experience and support to build with confidence. Digital asset adoption is growing, disrupting, and creating new opportunities: Having a strategy may soon become table stakes for all businesses. PwC can help you establish the business case, analyze the competitive landscape, assess your capabilities, and more.

Strategic considerations for digital assets:

It is important to balance innovation and potential risks to meet your goals.

Questions business leaders are asking

What is a digital asset and what does it mean for my business?

A digital asset is a representation of value recorded on a blockchain. Different kinds of digital asset formats can be used to represent any kind of value: fungible assets (like money), non-fungible or unique assets (like a piece of art or your ID), or intangible rights (like access credentials or voting rights). What all digital assets have in common is that they utilize blockchain technology and benefit from the speed, transparency, and programmability of the technology. Businesses have the opportunity to leverage digital asset technology to drive efficiencies, create value, and enable new experiences for customers. Although the exact implementation will depend on your goals and the types of value you tokenize, we believe digital assets have the potential to transform industries.

How do I plan, refine, or accelerate my digital asset strategy?

There is no singular playbook for creating a digital asset strategy or developing a digital asset management plan. We bring our community of solvers together to help you define a strong path forward. We’ll work with you to establish a target operating model and develop a go-to-market strategy tailored to your business model.

How do I know if my organization is ready to operate in the digital asset space?

Digital assets have unique risks, and some use-cases have a more established support model than others. Businesses will need to develop new competencies to support digital asset products securely and profitably. PwC can help to assess your internal capabilities, identify gaps, and define a roadmap for digital asset readiness.

Digital asset strategy services

  • Asset due diligence
  • Board and management industry education
  • Business segment profitability analysis
  • Capabilities assessment (e.g., talent, operating model, tech)
  • Competitor landscape and use case assessment
  • Commercial structuring advice for new digital assets, products, and services
  • Cryptocurrency investment framework
  • Custody strategy
  • Customer needs, ecosystem, and value proposition assessment
  • Digital asset enablement strategy and target operating model
  • Feasibility, risk, and impact assessments
  • Investment framework and considerations for either direct or indirect exposure
  • Product strategy (cryptocurrency, security tokens, stablecoin, utility tokens)
  • Third-party due diligence (e.g., custodian due diligence, vendor selection)

We know that you’re increasingly interested in innovating and keeping up with the latest technology your clients are using so you can diversify and increase potential returns, but you want guidance to effectively identify the right path for your digital asset strategy. Our market-leading perspectives on digital assets and depth of industry knowledge allow us to provide you with a strong, strategic approach to differentiate yourself in the market. Let’s plan your next move.

Digital assets are changing the game

Take your digital assets vision from plan to reality.

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