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As companies increasingly rely on data and analytics solutions to make informed decisions, they face a range of challenges, including inconsistencies in data management and the complexities of implementing advanced analytics. Organizations often struggle with these obstacles that can affect the effectiveness and efficiency of maintaining their data and analytics initiatives.

PwC's Data, Analytics and Insights Managed Services can help you overcome these challenges. We offer cost-effective, no-code and low-code solutions to fully leverage the potential of your data-driven endeavors. Our strategic approach aims to improve efficiencies over time, optimize operational costs to support your data and analytics platform and ultimately help enhance business outcomes to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Data and analytics operations

Discover the power of our experience in monitoring and maintaining the Data & Analytics ecosystem. We excel at managing L1 (command center), L2 (production support, failure triage, and resolution), and L3 (advanced triage, resolution, and break fixes) activities, guaranteeing flawless coordination with incident and problem management. With our comprehensive offering, your Data & Analytics ecosystem will operate smoothly.

Data engineering

Unleash the full potential of your Data & Analytics ecosystem with our proficiency. We specialize in onboarding new data or data sources, enhancing ETL job features and functionality, and optimizing integration and provisioning of data for downstream applications. Our services also include architecture uplifts such as Data Lake, Data Mesh, Data Vault, and Data Fabric. Elevate your data capabilities and drive success with our comprehensive solutions.

Data management

Take control of your data blueprint and ensure its seamless management and maintenance with our comprehensive solutions. We specialize in Data Governance functions such as Data Quality, Data Cataloging, Lineage, Master Data Management, Data Cleansing, Standardization, and Wrangling. Our services directly align with business outcomes related to analytics, Data science, and other related activities. Maximize the value of your data and drive impactful results with our professionals.

Reporting and analytics

Our solutions empower business users to automate report generation and analytics distribution, enabling streamlined self-service activities. With a targeted approach, we deliver domain-specific insights in areas like Customer, Finance, Risk & Regulatory, Sales & Marketing, and more. Additionally, we provide comprehensive management and maintenance of analytics models, ensuring optimal performance and actionable results. Stay ahead of the competition with our efficient processes and drive business success.


Empower your business users with targeted insights in specific domains and functions such as Customer Insights, Finance Insights, Risk & Regulatory reporting, Sales & Marketing Insights, and more. Drive actionable results with Next Best actions and Net Promoter score generation. Additionally, we handle the management, maintenance, tuning, and uplifts of analytics models to ensure optimal performance. Stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive maintenance activities and unlock the full potential of your data-driven decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine learning operations

Harness the power of AI/ML techniques to effectively manage and maintain intelligent systems. Our solutions encompass Data Collection, prototyping, AI/ML model maintenance, tuning, testing, and benchmarking. Stay at the forefront of innovation and ensure optimal performance with our comprehensive suite of services. Drive intelligent decision-making and unlock the full potential of your systems with our managed services teams.

Managed data and analytics office

Our mission is to constantly enhance the Data Office construct, ensuring alignment with your Data & Analytics strategy and roadmap. Acting as a bridge between Business and IT teams, we collaborate to ideate and identify use cases, driving tangible benefits and outcomes. Moreover, we facilitate enterprise-wide policy adoption and compliance, while promoting the adoption of Data & Analytics accelerators and frameworks. Experience the power of seamless collaboration and accelerated growth with our comprehensive solutions.

Our key benefits

PwC’s Data, Analytics and Insights Managed Services supports your business by providing skills, capabilities and infrastructure to:

  • Drive innovation in the development of data, analytics and insights
  • Acquire talent in a cost-effective manner​ through smart shoring
  • Maintain and improve complex data and analytics solutions​
  • Provide round-the-clock​ support for the data and analytics ecosystem
  • Discover incremental insights to create actionable business value​

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Principal, Data Analytics and Insights & Testing Managed Services, PwC US

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