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Oracle Risk and Controls – Helping enable confident decisions for enterprise resource planning success

Driving business value from your Oracle investment

Many companies have spent millions on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, but still lack the heightened efficiency, automation and decision data they were expecting. Too often, system integrators who implement ERP systems are focused only on making sure their particular product works. They’re not thinking enough about achieving the value to the whole business.

PwC can help you make the most of your Oracle investment. We will bring you that essential focus – on your business issues, and on how Oracle applications address them. Matching our knowledge of the technology’s capabilities with your business needs, we’ll develop a solution that makes the most of your Oracle investment.

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An Oracle Cloud transformation presents the perfect opportunity to leverage intelligent controls automation to reduce the cost of compliance and improve quality and confidence.

Getting more value from your Oracle applications

Through key capabilities like security assessments, controls optimization and GAAP transformational services, PwC helps you establish an integrated control environment in Oracle applications to increase transparency, improve governance, automate core control functions, lower costs and make better risk management decisions.

Controls integration and optimization

Help organizations design, implement, and sustain ERP controls during an upgrade or transformation project.

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Security design and implementation

Integrate the design of security and controls as part of the ERP implementation/upgrade activities to create a sustained environment and establish strong internal controls. Redesign existing security where issues may exist.

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Enterprise Control for all Oracle solutions

Manage business, operational, financial, and compliance risk and activities through PwC’s Enterprise Control platform. Enterprise Control provides management the real information required to understand what is truly happening within the ERP system.

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Pre and Post-Implementation Assessments during System upgrades/implementations

Analyze security and controls against a set framework and provide remediation options prior to implementation activities. Identify post-remediation plan and approach for monitoring and sustaining the ERP environment.

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GRC enabling technology implementation

Help organizations implement GRC solutions and leverage key functionality within GRC technology to establish efficient internal controls over business process.

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GAAP change transformation services

With a comprehensive understanding of US GAAP guidelines, PwC also provides access to our own insight and tools to support adoption of the new standards and help organizations focus on the key system and process changes that it entails. Implement software solutions where required to comply with GAAP changes.

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Security and Controls Assessments

Leverage PwC's accelerator to perform assessment of Oracle’s security environment and configurable application controls, and provide recommendations over access rules and system setups based on leading practice.

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ERP Optimization

Help organizations measure how optimized the current use of their ERP solution is and identify improvement opportunities to reduce risk, improve control and streamline business processes while taking advantage of additional automation functionality.

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