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Driving business value from your Oracle investment

Many companies have spent millions on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, but still lack the heightened efficiency, automation and decision data they were expecting. Now, a well-designed move to Oracle’s ERP cloud can provide both stronger control environments and remarkable efficiency gains.

This is the second wave of ERP. The first wave began decades ago, with on-premise Oracle solutions. This second wave is a big shift to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model. This is not just an update or improved hosted version of the previous on-premise solutions – it’s a wholesale change to a true SaaS solution. And it’s an opportunity for many companies to strengthen their control environment with higher efficiency through automation.

In your move to the cloud, PwC can support you in your control transformation, applying experienced perspectives and a risk-based lens to your entire ERP design. Large companies can free teams from mountains of manual work by moving to automated controls and SOX testing of their ERP systems, as well as save on subscription fees through thoughtful, least privilege role based application security architecture, to maximize your investment in Oracle Cloud. Bottom line: Drive efficiency and cost savings while controlling risk.

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Getting more value from your Oracle applications

Through key capabilities like security assessments, controls optimization and GAAP transformational services, PwC helps you establish an integrated control environment in Oracle applications to increase transparency, improve governance, automate core control functions, lower costs and make better manage risks.

Application security architecture

Ensure your security design is a fit for your business, with proper segregation of responsibilities. We help you avoid additional costs in subscription fees, with a thoughtful approach to your distribution of licenses.

Controls integration services

This is where we take advantage of the native functionality of Oracle cloud to rationalize your control environment and drive a higher percentage of automated controls. If 20 percent of your business controls are automated today, imagine the value you might unlock if you can drive that to 60+ percent.

Oracle risk-management cloud (RMC) implementation

Be smart about using Oracle’s risk management monitoring tool set. Monitor configurations and exceptions to make sure there’s no drift that can undermine your risk controls. Leverage RMC to identify anomalies in transaction processing to identify fraud or errors that could have significant impact on financial results.

Controls transformation

Once you’ve fully made use of Oracle’s cloud key controls configuration and risk monitoring capability, now drive further automation of the test of controls for your second line of defense. Not only can you eliminate the need for manually updating control testing documentation, you can also test more often with entire populations and remediate issues that arise sooner.



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