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See around corners

In times of crisis, bribery and corruption often rise. Why react when you can use technology to proactively mitigate it?

Corruption. Bribery. Non-compliance. The anxiety and disruption these daunting issues can make it difficult to map your next move with confidence.

Find out more about anti-corruption programs in our 2020 Study here.

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Who are all your third parties? Where are your risks lurking? What can you do about it?

The world is filled with uncertainty and you need to prepare and act fast when challenges arise. The daily demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continue to test the efficacy of policies, procedures and controls and to stretch compliance programs and resources in new ways. 

No matter where your employees are — throughout the country or around the globe — Risk Command provides a centralized platform that allows them to seamlessly work together in real-time.  

Get a holistic overview, track third parties,  monitor fraud and compliance, and plan and respond - right from your laptop.

The bribery and corruption landscape has changed. Have you?

Prepare, respond and emerge stronger, no matter what the future holds.

Get ahead of the game

No business is immune to corruption—whether it's deliberate or unintentional. Many companies don’t assess corruption threats until they have already occurred. PwC offers an alternative.

A digital compliance office

​​Our technology-enabled solutions help you see across the entire risk spectrum, quickly and clearly. Using digitally enabled assets like PwC's Compliance TrackerThird Party Tracker and Risk Command means you can identify potential high-risk third parties and activities before they impact your business.

Regulation is increasing. Attack surfaces are widening.

Whether responding to a regulatory inquiry, navigating a new market or conducting an investigation, you need to act fast. Address the challenge of corruption from every angle in order to mitigate risk, build trust and safeguard your integrity.  

The power of cutting-edge technology 

Our suite of technology and analytics tools can boost your level of insight, so you can act more quickly and decisively. Through aggregated data from internal and external sources, you get access to easy-to-interpret graphs visualizations—a one-stop shop for compliance that's available anywhere, any time.

Don’t just survive—thrive

Emerging stronger from the unplanned revolves around two things: swift access to the facts and improved control in your response. We have decades of experience with both—and our digitally enabled approach can propel you ahead. 

Future proof through technology 

Finding and mitigating corruption isn’t the end of the story. We’ll work with you to outline the new processes and technologies needed to sustain improvements and continually enhance your success. While you won’t always know when or where bribery and corruption will strike, you can be confident that you have the team, technology and tools needed to emerge stronger tomorrow.

Delivering big

Find out how we helped Microsoft design an innovative solution that leveraged data analytics to identify risky transactions for FCPA compliance.

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