Corporate Intelligence “Actionable intelligence” to inform your most critical decisions

Your strategy, powered by Corporate Intelligence

Mitigating threats, handling crises, facilitating growth strategies, optimizing emerging opportunities and competing effectively have one thing in common: the need for high-quality, up-to-the-minute information.

We’re here to help. Using legally-vetted methods and proven open source techniques PwC’s Corporate Intelligence professionals identify “digital fingerprints” in the public domain that yield “actionable intelligence” — insights to support management’s decision-making.

Our multilingual research analysts draw on technology-enabled capabilities to access millions of publicly available information sources from around the world — from traditional and social media to public records to sanctions/watch lists to industry relationships to the non-indexed web and so much more. And, where appropriate, our professionals activate human source networks to gain unique insights.

We have the kinds of tools and insights that can empower you to put your strategy into action. Leaders are empowered to make better decisions when they are informed by relevant, up-to-date, reliable intelligence. How can PwC help you?

How we help

Integrity Due Diligence

We help you manage third party, operational, transactional and regulatory compliance risks across your network of customers, distributors, suppliers and vendors by deploying tailored investigative procedures and techniques to assess potential risks. Whether created by intermediaries, sales agents, resellers, consultants, service providers or any other type of third party, our investigative lens is focused on uncovering key risks to your business.

  • Third party reputational due diligence;
  • Supply chain/operational risk intelligence;
  • Pre-investment and deals/transactions due diligence;
  • Human rights, forced labor and trafficking insights;
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) and Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)-related diligence activities;
  • Identification of ultimate beneficial ownership; and
  • Technology-enabled persistent risk monitoring strategies.

Investigations, Litigation, and Compliance Support

We perform targeted procedures to support internal investigations and litigation matters related to white collar, fraud, breach of contract, disputes, and arbitrations. We help our clients navigate cross-border regulatory inquiries resulting from US, foreign and transnational regulators. Our multidisciplinary Corporate Intelligence professionals are familiar with the sensitivities associated with high-risk/high-profile legal/regulatory matters and provide support to corporate legal / compliance departments and their external counsel.

  • Targeted open source research;
  • Asset identification and tracing;
  • Network and link analysis to connect related parties;
  • Social media/sentiment analysis capabilities;
  • Access to deep and dark web sources;
  • Discreet human source inquiries; 
  • Business reference checks; 
  • Augment compliance teams on significant intelligence efforts; 
  • Design and execution of due diligence programs; and
  • Site visits.

Transactions and Markets Intelligence

Insights related to the reputation and integrity of the parties involved in a business transaction is critically important to its future success. Our Corporate Intelligence analysts leverage publicly available information about the deal parties to amplify information available in the data room — seeking to identify risk-relevant information that either party may not initially disclose. In collaboration with our financial due diligence (“FDD”) teams, we offer a more holistic view into the underlying transaction.

  • Geopolitical and strategic threat intelligence;
  • Market, industry and competitive analysis;
  • Pre- and post-investment reputational due diligence; and
  • Deals and transaction intelligence support.

Social media listening

Our Corporate Intelligence specialists are intimately familiar with the explosion of social media content and trained to provide critical insight into social media content that has potential impact to your organization. Our technologies enable a near real-time listening and analysis of the social media landscape, including, but not limited to: 

  • Social media monitoring;
  • Social media influencers;
  • Employee sentiment;
  • Brand and reputation management; and
  • Adverse media searches.

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